Drugs, drugs and more drugs

The issue of illegal drugs comes up everyday. On the streets, in the media, and everywhere you could think of. Its drugs, drugs and more drugs.

Malyasian plantation corporations invading brutally colonized West Papua

Not contented with continuously destroying our remaining million years Forest Reserves with all its glorious wildlife and ancestral Indigenous Customary Landrights (as under Native Customary Rights i.e. NCR) in Malaysia, Malaysian Capitalist Palm Oil/Logging Corporations are expanding very aggressively into Indonesia, which includes West Papua.

The Druidic Alternative to the Green Party

Modern-day Druids work to heal humanity's alienation from nature. Druidry, rather than being a religion, is a particular way of working with and understanding the natural world and healing the planet. We offer humanity a way out of the industrial wasteland we have created by exploiting nature, and into a new age of naturalism.

Climate change and what we can do

There is constant debate regarding the green environment and calls for climate change, yet for someone who has four young children I am amazed at the lack of response from our own government and the public in general with regard to packaging.

Call for an all-island economy

The circumstances are right for the establishment of an economic strategy which can guarantee prosperity, quality of life and equality of opportunity for all on the island of Ireland, according to SIPTU's National Campaigns' Official, Anne Speed.

Drastic action needed to mitigate effects of climate change

Fossil-fuelled vehicles used for freight, personal travel and commuting are extremely wasteful and are adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Frequent aero-flights on multi-annual holidays and business meetings add further carbon dioxide to our planetary atmosphere. Rail and broadband Internet are far more efficient for business and would conserve both the environment and our archaeological inheritances.

Drugs seizure

Can it be true that our customs and excise have a single boat to patrol our 1500 km of coastline? Imagine the crew leader planning their day.

Census 2006

I've just been revisiting the census 2006 figures and I've come up with an interesting statistic.