Great to have Darina back on the air; I hope that we will hear much more from her.

I believe that she has been disgracefully treated for being forgiving and helpful to her husband Tim, who undoubtedly has a despicable flaw, when we think of the abuse of the children involved, but there, but for the grace of God, go I.


And I am convinced that, if Tim is to improve, it will be with loving help and support from those around him, not self-righteous condemnation from holier than thou people, who have their own faults and compulsions, which they fin difficult to control, but who are fortunate: That their sins are not so hate by people in general and that their sins have not yet been waved in front of the nations, by the media, whose motives are, to say the least, questionable.

An example of the questionable motives of the media was brought to mind by Rachel English (whom I wouldn't consider to be the worst member of the media) when she jokingly said that, since harmony was breaking out between her guests, it was a good time to bring the discussion to an end.

It reminded me of my firmly held view that much of the media do not want this country to be run efficiently and well and smoothly AND harmoniously.    They want rows and trouble and, better still, fist fights in the Dáil, because, firstly, they don't want to be bored and also they think that that is what will sell papers and programs, with all that that will selfishly accrue to them as a result, in the way of money and fame and influence and celebrity status and the thrill and buzz of the scoop, with the resulting adulation from their peers, regardless of who it destroys etc.

I place below two texts, which I sent to ‘Tonight with Vincent Browne' on RTE Radio 1.

Please ask Vinny the Poo and Justine McCarthy to talk to me on air about them and this whole email.

So, according to Vinny the Poo, it was great fun when the country was politically unstable. What kind of skewed priorities has this would-be clown got? Can I take it that if the country is stable that he has no fun and spends his time trying to dig up muck to make it unstable again, so that he won't be bored and will have loads of fun? If so, I think that he, and other such destructive media people, should seek help for their obnoxious and repulsive condition.
So, holier than thou Justine McCarthy thinks it is sport, nay a blood sport, to watch people (politicians at a vote count after an election) in nervous tension about the possibility of losing their jobs. She is nearly as obnoxious as Vinny the Poo. Sean Francis Patrick O'Sullivan.

In all of this I would not in any way want to forget the plight of children and their loved ones caught up in the paedophile world and I pray that we will be able to do much more to prevent this from happening by: Firstly helping paedophiles to change for the better (and I do not think that this is impossible, as many seem to have decided) which will cut off the demand.

Secondly so that there then will be no point in very cruel/ ruthless/ heartless people being involved in the supply-end of the business.

So, keeping the following scriptures in mind, I will strive to urge everyone including and especially myself and the media and paedophiles etc. To do things with love as our motive: in other words, with a desire to help others, rather than thinking of ourselves and our own pleasures over-much and, better still, out of love for God and a desire to please and glorify him/her and, with his/her help, even the weakest of us, even I, even paedophiles, even the media can improve.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds. (Hebrews Chapter 10 and Verse 24 – NIB)

“…Speaking the truth in love…” (Ephesians Chapter 4 and Verse 15 – KJV)