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Laughing All The Way to the Bank: Peter Sutherland

  • 31 October 1998
  • AIB: devouring the hand that fed it by Vincent Browne
  • Little interest by Macdara Doyle and Liz Walsh
  • Hume: a great bunch of guys by Fionnuala O'Connor
  • A plague on their houses by Liz Walsh
  • The need for better political TV coverage by Pat Rabbitte

Revenue Turned A Blind Eye To Massive Tax Fraud

  • 30 September 1998
  • Revenue turned a blind eye to massive tax fraud by Ursula Halligan
  • The Real IRA: We will not disband by Liz Walsh
  • Repositioning the north by Fionnuala O'Connor
  • Europe's most unwanted race by Ursula Halligan
  • The bountiful game by Kevin Rafter
  • The Irishness of Bacon by Michael O'Sullivan

Omagh Bombing: Special Issue

  • 31 August 1998
  • The Omagh Bombing
  • The Real IRA
  • Who's Who in the Dissidents
  • The Killing Fields
  • The humanising of David Trimble
  • Bill Clinton - All the President's Women
  • Sonia: Back on Track
  • The Tall Ships in Dublin

They Were Not The Only Rogues (August 1998)

  • 31 July 1998
  • Lifting the lid by Vincent Browne
  • The great exchange by Colm Rapple
  • The rip off goes on - Irish Life by Ursula Halligan
  • The final test by Fionnuala O'Connor and Liz Walsh
  • As good as it gets by Cathy Loughran
  • A new world order by Paddy Agnew

Irish Life in Multi-Million Pound Rip Off

  • 30 June 1998
  • Irish life multi-million pound rip off by Ursula Halligan
  • Noel Smyth's legal fees by Mairtin Breathnach
  • Fitzwilton and the bogus invoice by Vincent Browne
  • Staying out in the cold by Liz Walsh
  • World Cup France '98 by Paddy Agnew
  • Tour de France by Paul Kimmage

O'Reilly's Fitzwilton gave 30k to Ray Burke (Jun '98)

  • 31 May 1998
  • Fitzwilton's payment to Ray Burke
  • FG/FF merger the only hope of social democracy, by Pat Rabbitte
  • Another Drumcree
  • The rifles of the IRA, UDA and UDF
  • Republican evictions
  • Children in Chaos
  • Race Attacks
  • 1998 World Cup preview

The Real Veronica Guerin (May 1998)

  • 30 April 1998
  • Veronica Guerin - her life, controverises, murder and legacy. By Ursula Halligan, Liz Walsh, Vincent Browne and Conor O Keefe
  • The Northerin Ireland peace talks
  • Ireland's economy - past, present and future 
  • Pat Rabbitte on the Tainiste's men 
  • Magill miscellany 

Bertie and the Nation (Apr 98)

  • 31 March 1998
  • Berite's government and the nation 
  • Noel Smyth and Charlie Haughey. Interview by Ursula Halligan
  • On board the offshore ship
  • The Supreme Court's contradictory judgement on Article 2 and 3
  • Willie Ross, Norther Ireland MP profiled

The Church has been flawed in many ways (Feb 98)

  • 31 January 1998
  • Mary McAleese on the Church, RTE, Conor Cruise O'Brien and Charles Haughey. In conversation with Vincent Browne.
  • Bloody Sunday. By Eamon McCann
  • The murder of LVF Leader Billy Wright: Dying by the Sword. By Emer Woodful
  • An interview with Billy Wright: King Rat. By Emer Woodful
  • Is Peace Safe with David Andrews? By Fionnula O'Connor
  • The Helen Shaw Show. By Brenda Power

Bankrolling the Boss (Jan 98)

  • 31 December 1997
  • Charlie Haughey's Finances: The Kaiser and the Boss
  • Eamon DeValera: the assassination of Michael Collins
  • Garret Fitzgerald: Suit EU, Sir 
  • 25 Years of Ireland in Europe: The Graduate
  • Interview with Bernadette Sands, sister of Bobby Sands
  • Crime & Media Hysteria: Losing the Plot

Garda Complicity in the Murder of a Father

  • 14 December 1997
  • Betrayal by Ursula Halligan and Vincent Browne
  • 'C' no evil by Kathy Sheridan
  • The Holland conviction: flawed justice, flawed journalism by Vincent Browne
  • Germany recalling by Seamus Hosey
  • Motoring in 1998 by Donal Byrne
  • Shanks for the memories by David Walsh