City Hall picket calls for full council probe

There must be a full official investigation into the origin of all the training courses attended by members of the Limerick City Council in view of the latest scandal, a spokesman for Republican Sinn Fein said today when a picket was placed on the council meeting.

Threats to Tara



At the turn of the century the Jewish Israelites dug trenches through Rath of the Synods and the entrance to the banqueting hall in search of the Ark of the Covenant.

Hitchens and his two mini-me's

In the last couple of weeks, Ireland's two self-styled print media enfants terribles, John Waters and Kevin Myers, have both had a run-in with the Irish wagon of Christopher Hitchens' publicity train for his new book, God is Not Great.  Waters was duped into taking the role of Hitchens' floor wipe at the Gate Theatre on 17 June in a public debate on the merits of religion (Waters being in favour of God and Hitchens against) and Myers imposed on Indo readers two extraordinarily pretentious articles about evolution, Hitchens and faith, apparently arising out of a stroll he took wit

EU officials use gangster police on protest in Malaysia

On 25 June 2007, EU officials from the EU Commission office in the Tan & Tan building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, used the Malaysian gangster police force and private security officers from Tan & Tan Tower to abuse, harass and intimidate a lone female Indigenous anti-war activist during a peaceful protest.

Referendum for Tara Valley?

I'm told by the public information office at the House of the Oireachtas that a referendum is a public vote that changes the constitution, (Article 15 (2),Article 46 (2)).

China's investment

I read with dismay the article in the National Press today, Wednesday 28th, regarding China's latest investment in the Blackstone investment group.

Retirement plans

How gratifying it is to see that on leaving Downing Street Tony Blair will step into a new role of envoy to the Middle East.