Villagers: Letters To The Editor 2005-01-08

The unfortunate events that have happened in the Indian Ocean since Christmas Eve have saddened the hearts of all the peoples of the world. In terms of giving, maybe the governments of Indonesia and India could stop the manufacture of their military war machines for one week. This would show their governments' real committment to their own people.


Dublin 22


Villagers: Letters To The Editor 2004-12-30

In considering the type of Ireland we would like to live in in 2005 and into the future, we have to examine what type of society we currently live in. I would like to deal with just one aspect of current Irish society: the concept of "freedom".


Statement: Need to expand health agenda 2004-11-13

There is an urgent need to expand the agenda of immediate health reform to those conditions that by and large do not appear in the "crisis" statistics, but that none the less are associated with extreme hardship and shortened life expectancy, writes Orla Hardiman.