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The Church in turmoil

  • 1 May 1970
  • The Catholic Church is at present undergoing profound change-we analyse this change on a world wide basis on page 34 and in Ireland on page 54.
  • Pope Paul VI has personally had to bear the brunt of the frequent painful reforms that are taking place in the church. Paul Johnson, a prominent English Catholic and editor of The New Statesman contributes a profile of him on page 49.
  • Rev. Ian Paisley has again burst on the world's headlines by his recent electoral victory in Bannside
  • Des Boal the prominent rebel Unionist M.P. for Shankill reviews "The Sins of Our Fathers"
  • A profile of Steve Coughlan

The Kennedy Dynasty

  • 1 April 1970
  • The Kennedy family has virtually dominated the American political scene for a decade now. Owen Dudley Edwards assesses their contribution to American politics and their enormous influence in an essay beginning on page 33.
  • The speaker of right wing fanaticism has emerged in Limerick in recent months in a controversy involving a tiny
    group of Maoists. We analyse the phenomenon beginning on page 3.
  • The controversy that has arisen over clerical celibacy has brought to a head a crisis of authority in the catholic church. We trace the historical origins of clerical celibacy and the history of the current dispute on page 51.
  • Gallup Poll on Irish political attitudes
  • George Best - a profile of the most talented footballer in Britain.

Sean Lemass

  • 1 December 1969
  • Sean Lemass was, we believe, the dominant personality of the Sixties. We have done a comprehensive and in-depth profile on the man and his career
  • A profile of the Sixties in Ireland: in international affairs, the technological developments, Rodney Rice of R.T.E.'s Seven Days contributes some of his personal impressions of the decade in Northern Ireland
  • Photographs of the My Lai massacre, reports of the massacre by eye-witnesses and Conor Cruise O'Brien contributes some
    observations on the war in general
  • Britain and the E.E.C.
  • End of the line for Ian Paisley

Poverty in Ireland

  • 1 November 1969
  • IN TERMS of its wealth, Ireland cares less for the weaker and poorer sections of its community than any other country
    in Europe with the exception of Portugal. Yet the popular myth is that there is no poverty in Ireland.
  • In this issue of NUSIGHT we try to outline in broad terms the nature and extent of poverty in the Republic and what
    little there is being done about it. we emphasise that this is merely a preliminary investigation-in future issues of the
    magazine we will explore in greater depth the various facts of poverty both North and South.
  • Father Jack Kelly, The British General Election, General de Gaulle, Samuel Beckett and The Minister for Education, Padraig Faulkner

Ian Paisley

  • 1 October 1969
  • NUSIGHT probes the nature of Paisleyism, its social and economic roots and its religious entanglements. A profile of the Rev. Ian Paisley and an enquiry into the August pogroms in Belfast.

    In his lifetime Ho Chi Minh became the symbol of the struggle against all forms of oppression throughout the world. We trace the history of his life in the context of Vietnam and we endeavour to establish his significance.

  • The August crisis in Northern Ireland provoked the most serious crisis within the Fianna Fail Government since Jack Lynch became Taoiseach. On page 3 we begin an exclusive inside report on the political battle which shook Fianna Fail to its foundations.
  • On page 45 we publish an account of J. B. Keane's talk to the Monday Circle. Edna O'Brien will be the personality in this feature next month.

The North: no bottles, no rights

  • 1 September 1969
  • Despite the glowing pre-election prognostications it seemsthat we are to have another Autumn Budget. This possibility
    and the general state of the economy is discussed on page 5.
  • A portrait of Mick O'Connell, the great Kerry midfielder who, at 32, is achieving new heights of fame.
  • Sigmund Freud has been, along with Marx and Darwin, one of the chief moulders of contemporary thought. Richard Stevens, a lecturer in psychologyin T.C.D. writes about the man and reassesses his theories.
  • Peadar O'Donnell, the Irish writer and revolutionary, talks to the Monday Club about his life, work and ideals.

The state of Irish Horse Show Jumping

  • 1 August 1969
  • Coinciding with the Horse Show we report on attitudes and (ill) feelings in the Irish show-jumping world.
    "The Men on the Moon"-Dr. Frank Anderson and Vivion de Valera discuss the enormity of the achievement and its practical benefits.
    Irishman Tom McDermott recently visited Rhodesia and did a T.V. interview with Premier Ian Smith. We publish without comment a transcript of the interview.
    Seven parliamentary secretaries were appointed last month. We talked to two of them, Noel Lemass and Gerry Collins, about themselves and their new jobs.


  • 1 July 1969
  • The Works of Picasso - the greatest living artist of our time at Trinity College.
    Fianna Fail returns with a fresh, clear electoral mandate to continue in Government: Analysis of the urgent problems which confront the new cabinet.
    The only alternative to Fianna Fail-discusses Irish political development over the next few years and the imperatives of co-operation between Fine Gael and Labour.
    Angela MacNamara, the well-known columnist reviews "Marriage Irish Style" by Dorine Rohan.

Jack Lynch - The General Election

  • 1 June 1969
  • A unique supplement on the General Election.
    The exclusive interview with assistant to the head of the Society of Jesus in Rome, Dr. Mario Schoenenberger who has since resigned from the Order.
  • Analysis of the attitudes and concerns of the new Irish language enthusiasts on pages 15-16.
  • The themes and tensions of the Fine Gael Ard-Fheis in mid-May are summarised and analysed, beginning on page 2.
  • The harsh reality of Whiddy Island and the prospect of oil-and gas-wells under the Irish Sea - An examination of the potential of our national resources and the way the Government has responded to this new challenge

Sea Fishing

  • 1 October 1968
  • Farming our seas, by Dr J E de Courcy
  • Vincent Browne reports from Prague
  • Our Cultural Heritage: Prionsias O Cealligh writes on The Oireachteas
  • Dail in Session by Michael McInerney
  • Jack Lynch - Boot & PR