The Druidic Alternative to the Green Party

Modern-day Druids work to heal humanity's alienation from nature. Druidry, rather than being a religion, is a particular way of working with and understanding the natural world and healing the planet. We offer humanity a way out of the industrial wasteland we have created by exploiting nature, and into a new age of naturalism.


We now present an expression of Druidry which is appropriate and relevant to the 21st century. Druidry has a much more grounded quality than a lot of New Age thinking. Druidry is connected to the earth, our heritage and our roots.

Druids could well be called the first Green Party; indeed our ancient Druids would have been part of the government of ancient Ireland.  We now propose to grow to challenge the political Green Party, indeed the synthetic “Greens” of all parties whose members and followers are all so disenchanted.

Indeed, fighting for an ideal Green Future we intend to transform global consciousness with our radical environmental plans and practices to tackle climate change especially.

Mother Earth is crying out for help and while she continues to bestow blessing after blessing on mankind, humanity continues to destroy her. To neglect responsibility is to stifle creativity. Humanity's right brain, the area of mysticism, sensuality and synthesis, has shrivelled up over the past 300 years, bringing a divide between body and spirit and preventing us from seeing the whole. We look to our ancient Druids, whose wisdom embraced the cosmos, for inspiration.

By resurrecting human consciousness we will resurrect Mother Earth. Then humanity will be able to recognise the interdependency of all life, to reconnect to the universe. Now is the time, now is the place, now is the occasion, now is the moment of breakthrough, when spirituality and ecology shall merge as we journey from mastery to mystery.

Faith may move mountains, but only the clarity of our vision will move them to the right places.

In 1967 Arthur Koestler wrote; "Nature has let us down, God seems to have left the receiver off the hook, and time is running out.  Forty years later we say; “We have let nature down, we have left the receiver off the hook, and time is running out even faster!"