Drugs seizure

Can it be true that our customs and excise have a single boat to patrol our 1500 km of coastline? Imagine the crew leader planning their day.

"Right lads, judging from that mist rolling in off the Atlantic and the way the gulls are circling the cliffs, I'd say the next drugs landing might be headed for Malin head". Another inspector disagrees "Oh no, have you seen the height of the waves and the white horses on the horizon? I think we should head for Bantry Bay".

And now to sum up the total intelligence possessed by the authorities about the biggest shipment of coke that was ever known on these shores: nothing. That's right, not a clue. If it weren't for the inclement weather, our Cork based holiday makers would be happily on their way across the channel sniggering at the Irish farcical effort to trap drug smugglers.

Sooner or later a spell of fine weather will break out and our friends will resume their vile trade. The politicians will huff and puff and the cocaine graph in Ireland and the UK will snake on upwards and off the scale.