Complaint letter on EU officials in Malaysia

I, as a Malaysian, would like to file a complaint on behalf of anti-logging and plantation villagers from the Indigenous communities, against EU officials from the EU Commission, in their complicity with the logging and plantation corporations in Malaysia.

Malaysian minister lies in BBC News interview

The Malaysian Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Peter Chin Fah Kui was obviously lying through his teeth in one of the most disappointingly lame interviews I've seen on the BBC News on the 11 June.

President McAleese at Great War commerations

The attendance of President Mary McAleese at the Peace Park in Messines, Flanders, marking the deaths of Irishmen in the Great War is further proof of the political ecumenism developing in Ireland and is to be welcomed.  

No End to Shannon military stopovers? Sink this deal

It now appears  that a special conference of the Green Party will be held on Wednesday, 13 June,  to endorse or reject the party's programme for government with Fianna Fail and the PDs. It is now clear that no commitment has been given to end the use of Shannon airport by the US war machine.

Documenting the Irish Language

I am seeking assistance from your readers as part of continual research into the Irish language in  this region and surrounding counties.  I wish to record words and phrases that may have derived from the Irish language and remain in usage in the English language. Some of these words and phrases may be specific to certain areas and infrequently used or indeed out of usage.

Coursing club conviction

The recent conviction of a coursing club of trapping hares without a license serves as yet another reminder that our hare population is threatened by a practise that involves netting and baiting these gentle creatures for “sport”.

Palestinian march

 Today Saturday  I had the privilege to take part in the march in Dublin city centre to highlight the justifiable cause of Palestinian freedom which has been denied to them by the Israeli Apartheid regime.