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Out of their depth

  • 30 July 2008
  • The government have exuded confusion, ineptitude and alarm at a time when the country needs reassurance and self-belief. By Vincent Browne
  • Disliking Kevin Myers
  • Mismanagement of Sceilig Michael
  • Ireland's Changing Climes
  • Democracy and Double Standards. By David Morrison
  • Ireland's Sailors in Bejing
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The Big Euro Lies

  • 2 July 2008
  • The Big Euro Lies and how the corporate war-lords have infiltrated EU. By Vincent Browne
  • Furher Cowen and Lisbon
  • Dublin Port: Ireland's economic heartland
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Brian Cowen: The vigour and the menace

  • 28 May 2008


  • Dummies Guide to the Lisbon Treaty - the treaty explained in 20 pages; the key articles, comments from the Yes and No sides, plus commentary by Vincent Browne
  • Brian Cowen - the vigour and the menace
  • Fyffes/DCC - The biggest theft in the history of the state
  • EURO 2008 - the teams, the superstars and Ireland's new team, Poland
  • Youghal struggles with globalisation
  • Muslim Hurlers in Mayo, by Mikey Stafford
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  • Life and Death of Nuala

    • 23 April 2008
    • Nuala and Nell: the stories of their lives that are part of our fabric. By Susan McKay
    • Brian Rossiter's death in a Garda Cell. By Philip Boucher Hayes
    • The historic wronging of Palestine. By David Morrison 
    • Brian Cowen in office, Eamon Dunphy's job application. By Vincent Browne 
    • Irish Times history reviewed by Martin Manseragh
    • Picasso's Guernica: A war on war 

    Loyalists can't save Bertie

    • 26 March 2008
    • Evidence that Bertie Ahern recieved sums of money far exceeding his salary in 1994 is now incontrovertible. No credible explanation has been offered for this, although his associates, current and former, have stood loyally by him. By Vincent Browne
    • Cathal O Searcaigh - Fairytales, Sex and Kathmandu
    • John Delaney - saved by Trappatoni, for now...
    • Harney's 10 broken promises on Health
    • Demystifying Ian Paisley
    • The pros and cons of High Rise Dublin
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    Marching Orders for Bertie

    • 27 February 2008
    • Bertie Ahern does not deserve to be removed from office in disgrace but, as the evidence mounts, this seems more and more likely.
    • Castro meets Ireland's Maureen O'Hara
    • Cardinal Connell: Secrets to be revealed
    • Brent Pope on the soap opera of Irish rugby
    • Ring Gaeltacht, the history of Kenya's ethnic violence, Remembering 1916, Media, News, On the Town
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    Wayne's Story

    • 30 January 2008
    • In his own words: Wayne O'Donoghue tells how he killed Robert Holohan; how he hid the body; his thoughts of suicide; and how he came to confess.
      • Funding for new services in mental health has been diverted to cover other shortfalls and overspending. By Sara Burke
      • Expenses and salaries massively increase the earnings of TDs and Ministers. Village charts the earnings of every TD in Dail Eireann. By Adam Maguire
      • A series of photos capturing the final minutes of Benazir Bhutto - her speech, the cavalcade, the explosion, the carnage. An accompanying story detailing the dymanics of Islam in Pakistan
      • Crime - the truth behind the hype

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    Brent Pope's 2008 Six Nations Guide

    • 27 January 2008
    • France, Ireland and England are in the reckoning for a Six Nations win. With France and England rebuilding after the las World Cup, Ireland have a chance of snatching victory in their two away games. By Brent Pope.
      • Eddie O'Sullivan, the IRFU and the Genesis Report
      • Ireland Player profiles and statistics 
      • The teans, coaches and key players
      • Plus, an interview with Ginger McLoughlin, Limerick's Rugby Legend

    Bertie's Kitty

    • 19 December 2007
    • Several untruths have emerged from the emotional interview in September 2006 in which Bertie Ahern supposedly revealed all to RTE's Brian Dobson about his finances in the early 1990s. By Vincent Browne.
    • The people, events and murders of 2007, and a preview of 2008.
    • Mary McAleese foresaw the descent of Limerick into criminality 25 years ago.
    • Champion jockey, Kieran Fallon's long-standing relationship with Coolmore Stud is in jeopardy
    • A profile of Jacob Zuma, the next president of South Africa. By Aoife Kavanagh
    • The media frenzy that followed Katy French's death, Chekov Feeney and Harry Browne, Media
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    Cancer in the body politic

    • 28 November 2007
    • This government is not just incompetent, they represent the politics of injustice, inequality and death. By Sara Burke and Vincent Browne
    • Mahon Tribunal: Bertie's money
    • Bono's Clarence Hotel redevelopment
    • Emma Browne on Ireland's missing children
    • Joe Higgins on wealthy developers
    • Aoife Kavanagh on Robert Mugabe
    • Book Reviews by Ursula Halligan, Barry Desmond and Eoghan Corry

    The Year in Sport

    • 27 November 2007
    • Ireland's hopes at the Olympics 2008; Gerry Kiernan talks to Village
    • Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 qualifiers, by Ken Early
    • Munster stands alone in Heineken Cup, by Brent Pope
    • Roy Keane as Sunderland manager, by Ken Early
    • The commercialisation of English football, by Malachy Browne and Eddie Lennon
    • Highlights and Lowlights of 2007
    • The up and coming sports people of 2007
    • Sports Quiz

    Disliking the McCanns

    • 25 October 2007
    • Justine McCarthy on Mary McAleese
    • Brent Pope on the Rugby World Cup
    • Vincent Browne on Bertie's Money
    • Terry Prone on Enright and the McCanns
    • Richard Crowley on Jerusalem
    • Martin Fitzpatrick on Independent Media
    • Hidden History, Carbon taxes, GM Foods, The Kurds, Space, Cinema,Theatre, Pubs & Restaurants and more...