Islamic Fundamentalism in Ireland?

On the Indo letters page this week, Cian Cafferky and Anthony Bates expressed their revulsion at Kevin Myers' call to stop Muslims entering the country.  But their hearts have overruled their minds. Both responses play on our emotions, while neither answers the fundamental question that Mr Myers asked : given the extreme difficulty posed by Muslim immigration to England, "what rational justification is there for enlarging our Islamic population?"

Campaign for Agbonlahor Family

Today I took part in a very dignified protest outside the Garda National Immigration Bureau offices in Burgh Quay Dublin to show my solidarity with Young Great Agbonlahor Famiy.

Drug test kits for Moyross parents

The worried parents of vulnerable teenagers in the troubled Moyross estate in Limerick should be assisted by the new regeneration agency to acquire subsidized drug testing kits, a spokesman for Republican Sinn Fein said today.

Cooney and 'God bashing'

Knowing what John Cooney has achieved in the past writing against ultra-conservatism in Irish religion, it's a little sad how dismissive he was of Christopher Hitchens on 30 June in his review of his book “God is not Great” in the Irish Independent.

A process of degradation

India and China will be economically developed enough in 15 years so that an increased proportion of their population will likely seek car ownership. Automobile makers, anticipating this development, are designing the first generations of cars geared to cater for the demand.

Fianna Fail's double standards unacceptable

Again there appears to be one law for vested interests and another law for the general public in this country.  Bulldozers of the NRA are allowed to destroy ancient monuments like the burial ground at Baronstown near the Hill of Tara and the ancient site at Lismullen, meanwhile, a report by a legal group established by Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs Éamon Ó Cuív stated it would be inappropriate for the legislation to permit a right to roam near dwelling houses, over land being cultivated for crops or where damage could be caused to immature

Good community relations

It's a pity that sash-clad Orangemen returning from bashing their Lambeg drums, etc, in Belfast or Enniskillen decided that displaying Union Jacks on buses, goading and causing mayhem in or outside the vicinity of the town of convoy in Donegal would be good for community relations. This type of provocative demonstration has the potential to create division where none previously existed.

European Union attempt to liberalise the Postal Service should be resisted

The news that the European Parliament has rubberstamped by 512 to 155 the hideous Charlie McCreevy-led European Commission plans to open the European Union (EU) market for delivering light-weight letters and postcards mail weighing below 50 grams to full competition from 2011 is yet another attack on the Postal Service and other semi-state companies and government organisations who provide a “social service”, not just in Ireland, but across the European Union!