Drugs, drugs and more drugs

The issue of illegal drugs comes up everyday. On the streets, in the media, and everywhere you could think of. Its drugs, drugs and more drugs.


If  the incident itself is not related to drug use and drug trafficking, it's another major drugs find. It goes on forever.
After the last big accidental drug catch off the coast of Cork. Again its headline stuff. It seems every little village and every community is awash with drugs.

How can our police and our politicians and community leaders ask is there more drugs coming through. The local gombeen knows it is so embedded in our society and culture now, that it appears to be as easy availed of as sweets.

Or so it seems to me anyway. The ready availability of it suggests to me. That it is coming in by the ton daily and in every mode of transport available. It is obviously huge. It's beyond comprehension. It's the monster that is and will destroy our life our world. No one is safe from it in any form. Let them be at the top of the societal ladder or anywhere else. It obviously is so huge and horrendous in its ability to eat into our lives. We really need to stop convincing ourselves and others that we are in top of this problem.

We are not it's worse than ever and becoming such a huge monster that its about to eat us as a whole.
It's frightening and obscene. Drug pushers need to be imprisoned and tried. Once found guilty. They should be executed by firing squad.