New form of government

Mayocracy: A form of government in which power is vested in the people and exercised by brazen elected agents who flout party rules, encourage tax evasion, and refuse to acknowledge concepts such as integrity and accountability.


Beverly Flynn is 41. If she retires at 65, that gives her 24 working years to pay off her €1.2m mortgage. At an interest rate of 5 per cent, that leaves her with monthly repayments of about €7000 a month.

Treaty talk: France and globalisation

Some people in Ireland might have raised their eyes when France laboured to change the phrase "undistorted competition" in the text the European treaty. The French president was merely playing to the home gallery.

Portlaoise must be demolished now

Political prisoners continue to be held in conditions condemned as unfit as sections of Portlaoise prison have been described as unfit to hold inmates yet men are still being placed there.

The Stormont 3

On 8 May 2007, three members of éirígí were assaulted and arrested outside Stormont Castle in Belfast.

Blair's epitaph

With great relief we can say good bye to frankly the worst leader the world has ever seen. Tony Blair has spun so much; he has crashed out of the game. He thought he could change the world, well he has done - for the worse.

The Greens in government must make a difference

The entry of the Green Party into government provides an opportunity to inject fresh thinking into the heart of government. I hope that opportunity can be realised. It is important that environmental and sustainability questions are not seen as marginal matters. Instead, ecological and social sustainability must be recognised as key economic questions. The "business as usual" approach is simply no longer viable in the medium-term because of the need to confront peak oil and climate change.

Bertie's Fiefdom

It is well that the maximum number of senior ministers is specified in our constitution. If that were not so, I have absolutely no doubt that Bertie Ahern would swell the ranks of senior positions in order to placate a bigger group of his FF deputies.