Nintendo unveils "Wii Fit"

For all those gamers attempting to slim down, Nintendo unveiled a new fitness game for its wildly popular Wii console at a press conference during the E3 video game summit in July.

Ploughshares acquittal anniversary statement

It is one year since a jury of Irish people acquitted the Pitstop Ploughshares unanimously of doing over $2 million worth of damage to a US warplane at Shannon Airport. In the first unanimous acquittal ever in the history of the ploughshares movement, twelve Irish people made the brave decision of acquitting the five defendants - Ciaron, Damien, Deirdre, Karen and Nuin - and the news was welcomed by the broader anti-war movement. Even those who defined themselves as anti-war, but did not initially endorse our action, welcomed the acquittal as a victory for the anti-war cause.

Clovis Catastrophe

Several individuals grouped fearfully around the perimeter of a burning hot fire and peered ominously at the spreading wave of heat as it transferred across the parched vegetation that made up their dry homeland.

Stopover in Shannon

I commend the Church of Ireland's Archbishop Rev John Neill's comments as reported in the media in relation to the stopover by American troops in Shannon.

VHI increases

It is disgraceful that the Minister of Health has approved the increase of 8.5 per cent in VHI charges.

Ukraine: European Dreams and a Soviet Hangover

With the EU's boundaries expanding ever eastwards, most recently with the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, thoughts are now turning toward the new frontier. Ukraine's economy has already benefited greatly just from its neighbours' membership of the trading group, and the electoral pledge of pro-West President Victor Yushchenko to pursue EU accession garnered him much support from Ukraine's electorate.