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Number of seats: (3)

If the tide is coming in for Fine Gael it could take a second seat here from either John Ellis (FF) or Michael Finneran (FF). Denis Naughton (FG) is safe. Geography will determine very much the outcome here.


Prediction: FF 1; FG 2.

Best candidate: Denis Naughton (FG)

Weakest link: Michael Finneran (FF).

Sligo/North Leitrim

Number of seats: 3

Marian Harkin (Ind) was elected to the European Parliament in 2004 and will not be standing. Jim McGarry (Lab) has an ambiguous record on the Traveller issue, not that that is an electoral disadvantage.


Prediction: FF 2; FG 1.

Best candidate: John Perry (FG)

Weakest link: Jim McGarry (Lab)

In the long grass: Michael Comiskey (FG)

Tipperary North

Number of seats: 3

Former Fine Gael minister, Michael Lowry (Ind) certain, thereafter uncertain. It is likely Fianna Fail will lose a seat here to Kathleen O'Meara (Lab) but whether the loser is former minister Michael Smith or new TD Máire Hoctor is uncertain.


Prediction: FF 1; Lab 1; Ind 1.

Best candidate: Kathleen O'Meara (Lab0

Weakest link: Michael Smith (FF)

In the long grass: Kathleen O'Meara (Lab)

Tipperary South

Number of seats: 3

Martin Mansergh (FF) not certain to take the seat of retiring Noel Davern. It could be Siobhan Ambrose (FF). Seamus Healy, the socialist Independent could also be in difficulty fending off Phil Prendergast (Lab).


Prediction: FF 1; FG 1; Ind 1.
Best candidate: Martin Mansergh (FF)
Weakest link: Seamus Healy (Ind)
In the long grass: Siobhan Ambrose (FF)


Number of seats: 4

Martin Cullen (FF) has been one of the most incompetent ministers. John Deasy (FG) one of the most maverick TDs. Both certain of reelection. Brian O'Shea seems sure for Labour.

Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Lab 1.
Best candidate: Brian O'Shea (Lab)
Weakest link: Martin Cullen (FF)
In the long grass: David Cullinane (SF).


Number of seats: 5

John Browne (FF), Paul Keogh (FG) and Brendan Howling (Lab) seem secure. Liam Twomey (FG) elected as an Independent in 2002 should be ok for Fine Gael, although he faces a challenge from Michael D'Arcy (FG).

Prediction: FF 2; FG 2; Lab 1.
Best candidate: Brendan Howlin (Lab)
Weakest link: Liam Twomey (FG)
In the long grass: Michael D'Arcy (FG).


Numnber of seats: 5

Mildred Fox (Ind) not standing. Fianna Fail certain of two seats, Fine Gael (Billy Timmins) and Labour (Liz McManus) of one. Last seat between Nicky Kelly (Lab) and Deirdre de Burca (GP).


Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Lab 1; GP 1.
Best candidate: Liz McManus (Lab)
Weakest link: Nicky Kelly (Lab)
In the long grass: Deirdre de Burca (GP)

What's wrong with Transport 21

Transport 21 was launched by the Fianna Fail-PD government in November 2005, but without any breakdown of costs for the policy's constituent parts. Here Village outlines 21 problems with Ireland's present Transport strategy.

Cork East


Number of seats: 4

Fianna Fail is virtually certain to retain its two seats here with Ned O'Keeffe and Michael Ahern. Fine Gael is certain to retain one seat. It is possible Fine Gael could take two seats here at the expense of Labour.

Prediction: FF 2: FG 2.

Best candidate: Paul Bradford (FG)

images/election_2007/ConstitImages/seansherlock.jpgWeakest Link: Sean Sherlock (Lab)

Cork North Central

Number of seats: 4

This constituency has a lost a seat since the last election. Noel O'Flynn (FF), Billy Kelleher (FF) Bernard Allen (FG) and Kathleen Lynch (Lab) are secure, which means the seat of Danny Wallace (FF) who is retiring will be the one to go.


Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Lab 1.

Best candidate: Kathleen Lynch (Lab)

 Weakest link: Danny Wallace (FF)