Special Features

Implications of additional runway for Dublin North

Portmarnock and Malahide residents air their views about the construction of a new runway at Dublin airport, and the implications of this development for communities in Dublin North.

According to Matthew Harley of United Portmarnock Residents Opposing Another Runway (UPROAR), "alternatives [to the runway], including a second airport for the Greater Dublin Area, have not been properly assessed as required under the Government's own Value for Money guidelines".


Labour Youth launch Bebo-festo!

Labour Youth, the youth section of the Labour Party, has taken to the popular social networking site 'Bebo' to launch its campaign asking young people to vote Labour.

Blogging the election

The exponential growth in political blogs will have a negligible effect on the outcome of election 2007, but will set the foundation for online debate in future elections. By Malachy Browne

Rabbitte's evasions on coalition with Fianna Fail

On radio with Pat Kenny this morning (Thursday, 17 May) Pat Rabbitte engaged in his familiar evasions when asked if he would enter government with Fianna Fail, in the event of the election outcome not allowing for a Fine Gael-led government. But eventually in response to the question:

Rose without trace but could well be Taoiseach

Enda Kenny never impressed in politics until well after he became leader of Fine Gael. But he has rescued his party from the doldrums of defeat in 2002 and now has a real chance of heading the next government. By Vincent Browne