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Number of Seats: 4

Sile de Valera (FF) is retiring. Fianna Fail certain to take two seats with Tom Killeen and Brendan Daly and Fine Gael's Pat Breen. The fourth seat is between the incumbent Independent, James Breen, and either a Fianna Fail or a Fine Gael candidate.

Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Ind 1.

Best candidate: Tony Killeen (FF0

Cavan Monaghan

Number of Seats: 5

One seat already decided, that of outgoing Ceann Comhairle, Rory O'Hanlon (FF). Caoimhghin O Callan (SF) is certain to hold his seat. Ditto Seymour Crawford (FG) and Brendan Smith (FF). The only doubt centres on Paudge Connolly (Ind), a hospital candidate.

Village Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Ind 1

Best candidate: Brendan Smith (Ind)

Carlow Kilkenny

Number of Seats: 5 

Fianna Fail likely will lose a seat here either to Fine Gael's Fergal Browne with the Green Party candidate, Mary White, taking the Labour seat held by the retiring TD, Seamus Pattison. The likely Fianna Fail loser is the Carlow TD, MJ Nolan.

Village Prediction: FF 2: FG 2: GP 1.

Best candidate: Mary White (GP)

They speak no evil of him

Several of Bertie's senior colleagues agreed to be interviewed for this profile. But all of them demanded absolute anonymity.  Most spoke of their party leader in highly complimentary terms. On several occasions I wondered why they would not want their boss to know the sheer depth and breath of the esteem in which they held him.