Special Features

Dublin North West

Number of seats: 3

Either of the two Fianna Fail TDs here, Noel Ahern (brother of Bertie) and Pat Carey could lose to Sinn Fein's Dessie Ellis. But Labour's Rosin Shortall could also be in trouble. Fine Gael little chance.


Prediction: FF1; Lab 1; SF 1.

Best candidate: Pat Carey (FF)

Weakest link: Roisin Shortall (Lab)

In the long grass: Bill Tormey (FG)

Dublin South Central

Number of seats: 5

Dublin's most populous constituency. Gay Mitchell (FG) to be replaced by former Lord Mayor, Catherine Byrne. It is possible Labour could take two seats here with Mary Upton and Eric Byrne. Also the Green Party candidate, Tony McDermot, could surprise.


Best candidate: Sean Ardagh (FF)

Weakest link: Michael Mulcahy (FF)

In the long grass: Tony McDermot (GP)

Prediction: FF 1; FG 1; Lab 2; SF 1.


Dublin South East

Number of seats: 4

The most marginal constituency in the country. No candidate and no party sure of a seat. Fianna Fail should take a seat, probably with Chris Andrews rather than the more accomplished, Jim O'Callaghan. John Gormley (GP), Michael McDowell  (PD) and Ruairi Quinn (Lab) should all hold their seats.

Best candidate: Ruairi Quinn (Lab)

Weakest link: Chris Andrews (FF)

In the long grass: Daithi Doolan (SF)

Prediction: FF 1; Lab 1; PD 1; PG 1.

Dublin South West

Number of seats: 4

The issue here is whether former Fine Gael TD, Brian Hayes, can recapture a seat from one of the outgoing Fianna Fail TDs Charlie O'Connor and Conor Lenihan. Sean Crowe (SF) and Pat Rabbitte (Lab) seem secure.

Best Candidate: Pat Rabbitte (FG)

Weakest Link: Brian Hayes (FG)

In the long grass: Elizabeth Davidson (GP)

Prediction: FF 1; FG 1; Lab 1; SF 1.

Dublin West

Number of seats: 3

Brian Lenihan (FF) should be ok but the other two outgoing TDs, Joe Higgins (SP) and Joan Burton (Lab) have reason to worry. Leo Varadkar (FG) looks likely to take a seat. Joe Higgins (SP) not certain and neither is Joan Burton (Lab).

Best candidate: Joe Higgins (SP)

Weakest link: Joan Burton (Lab)

In the long grass: Leo Varadkar

Prediction: FF: 1; FG 1; SP 1.

Dun Laoghaire

Number of seats: 5

Fine Gael had three seats here. In 2002 it won none. If there is any revival in Fine Gael fortunes in 2007 it has to take a seat here. Fiona O'Malley (PD) likely to lose her seat. Barry Andrews (FF) not certain either.

Best candidate: Ciaran Cuffe (GP)

Weakest link: Fiona O'Malley (PD)

In the long grass: Richard Boyd-Barrett (PBP)

Prediction: FF: 2; FG 1; Lab 1; GP 1.

Galway East

Number of seats: 4

Fine Gael should take a second seat here but its strategy in running four candidates is likely to fail. This means that the two outgoing Fianna Fail TDs, Noel Treacy and Joe Callanan, are probably going to be relected, as is Independent Paddy McHugh.

Best candidate: Noel Treacy (FF)

Weakest link: Paddy McHugh (Ind)

In the long grass: Ulick Burke (FG)

Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Ind 1.

Galway West

Number of seats: 5

Fianna Fail is intent on recovering a third seat here most likely from the PD TD, Noel Grealish. Fine Gael could lose out to Green candidate, Galway mayor, Niall O Brolchain. Michael D Higgins (Lab) not certain.

Prediction: FF: 3; Lab 1; GP 1.

Best candidate: Michael D Higgins (Lab)

Weakest link: Pádraic McCormack (FG)

In the long grass: Niall O Brolchain (GP)


Kerry North

Number of seats: 3

Fianna Fail (Tom McEllistrim) and Fine Gael (Jimmy Deenihan) certain to take a seat each. The question is can Labour recover Dick Spring's old seat for Terry O'Brien, from Martin Ferris (SF). Ferris toped the poll in 2002 but seems in trouble now.

Best candidate: Terry O'Brien (Lab)

Weakest link: Martin Ferris (SF)

In the long grass: Norma Foley (FF)

Prediction: FF1; FG 1; Lab 1.

Kerry South

Number of seats: 3

John O'Donoghue (FF) certain. Breeda Moynihan-Cronin (Lab) should be OK. The issue here is whether Fianna Fail's Tom Fleming can take the seat of Jackie Healy Rea (Ind). Fine Gael no chance.

Prediction: FF 2; Lab 1. 

Best candidate: John O'Donoghue (FF)

Weakest link: Jackie Healy-Rea (Ind)

In the long grass: Tom Fleming (FF)