Special Features

Cork North West

Number of seats: 3

Only one of the outgoing TDs, Michael Moynihan (FF) is likely to be relected. Donal Moynihan (FF) is likely to be replaced by Batt O'Keefe (FF). Former TD, Michael Creed (FG) is likely to take the seat of Gerard Murphy (FG). A Fine Gael gain possible.


Prediction: FF2; FG 1.

Best candidate: Michael Moynihan (FF)

Cork South Central

Number of seats:  5

Grandstanding by Micheál Martin could cost Fianna Fail a seat here. Fine Gael poised to take two seats with Simon Coveney and Deirdre Clune. Dan Boyle (GP) certain of re-election, unless upset by Labour candidate, Ciaran Lynch.


Prediction: FF: 2; FG 2; GP 1.

Best candidate: Dan Boyle (GP)

Weakest link: Micheál Martin (FF)

In the long grass: Ciaran Lynch (Lab)

Cork South West


Number of seats: 3

Joe Walsh (FF) retiring, which leaves open possibility of Fine Gael's PJ Sheehan taking a second seat for Fine Gael - Jim O'Keeffe (FG) seems secure as does Denis O'Donovan (FF). Conflict within Fianna Fail here could return seat to Fine Gael.


Prediction: FF 1; FG 2.

Best candidate: Denis O'Donovan (FF)

Donegal North East

Number of seats: 3

Fianna Fail certain to take two seats. The third seat between Fine Gael's Joe McHugh and Sinn Fein's Padraigh MacLouchlain. The curiosity here is which of the three outgoing Fianna Fail TDs will lose: Jim McDaid, Cecilia Keaveney or Niall Blaney.


Prediction: FF2; FG 1.

Best candidate: Joe McHugh (FG)

Donegal South West

Number of seats: 3

The outgoing Fianna Fail TDs, Mary Coughlan and Pat “The Cope” Gallagher seem secure. The only uncertainty here is whether Fine Gael with Dinny McGinley can hold off the Sinn Fein candidate, Pearse Doherty. McGinley's announced retirement and then reversal has not helped.


Prediction: FF 2; SF 1.

Best candidate: Pearse Doherty (SF)

Dublin Central

Number of seats: 4

Bertie Ahern (FF) will win a quota and a half for himself but may fail to bring in a second Fianna Fail candidate (either Cyprian Brady or Mary FitzPatrick) because of his refusal to abide by the rules he imposes everywhere else on vote management. Tony Gregory (Ind) is secure, Joe Costello (Lab) not secure, especially if Sinn Fein do well.


Prediction: FF 2; Lab 1; Ind 1.

Best candidate: Bertie Ahern (FF)

Dublin Mid West

Number of seats: 4.

This constituency has gained a seat since 2002. The outgoing TDs, John Curran (FF), Mary Harney (PD) and Paul Gogarty (GP) should be secure. The fourth seat is between Frances FitzGerald (FG), Joanna Tuffy (Lab) and Independent local councillor, Derek Keating.


Prediction: FF 1; Lab 1; PDs 1; GP 1.

Best candidate: Mary Harney (PD)

Dublin North Central

Number of seats: 3

This loses a seat since 2002 when Fianna Fail won two (Sean Haughey and Ivor Callely), Fine Gael one (Richard Bruton) and Finian McGrath (Ind) took the fourth. Fianna Fail in danger of losing one seat (probably Ivor Callely's) and Finian McGrath's seat may also be in jeopardy.


Prediction: FF 2; FG 1.

Best candidate: Richard Bruton (FG)

Weakest link: Ivor Callely (FF)

In the long grass: Bronwen Maher (GP)

Dublin North East

Number of seats: 3

Internal dissention within Fianna Fail could see them losing one of their two seats here (Michael Woods or Martin Brady). Tommy Broughan (Lab) should be secure. Sinn Fein hopeful of Larry O'Toole finally being elected to the Dáil.


Prediction: FF 1; Lab 1; SF 1.

Best candidate: Tommy Broughan (Lab)

Weakest link: Brody Sweeney (FG)

In the long grass: Larry O'Toole (SF)

Dublin North

Number of seats: 4

Only one of the four outgoing TDs is standing, Trevor Sargent (GP) and he seems secure. Clare Daly of the Socialist Party seems likely to take a seat, possibly at the expense of Labour. Fianna Fail not sure of second seat.


Prediction: FF 2; GP 1; SP 1.

Best candidate: Clare Daly (SP)

Weakest link: John O'Leary (FF)

In the long grass: Joe Corr (GP)