Special Features

A round up of week two in the election campaign

The outcome of Michael McDowell's weekend of reflection following further Bertiegate revelations was revealed with much hullabaloo at the Progressive Democrats' press conference on Sunday morning, thus ending almost two days of blanket press coverage on the Tainiste's moral quandry.

PJ Mara

Charlie Haughey underestimated PJ Mara. Underestimated the extent to which PJ softened Charlie's public image, made him more electorally and media friendly. Underestimated PJ's intellect, his strategic prowess. Underestimated even PJ's loyalty. He was mean and, at times, cruel to PJ.

Massive inequalities in Irish health

Reports published by the Institute of Public Health have highlighted inequality of a massive scale between the health of Ireland's lower and higher occupational classes. The reports also indicate a significant difference between the health of Irish people as compared with our European counterparts. 

Dublin South


Number of seats: 5


Can Liz O Donnell (PD) retain her seat? Were she to lose then either Alex White (Lab) or Alan Shatter (FG) would gain, Eamon Ryan's (GP) seat is not entirely certain either. Seamus Brennan (FF), Tom Kitt (FF) and Olivia Mitchell (FG) secure.  


Best Candidate: Alex White (Lab)

Weakest Link: Liz O'Donnell (PD)

In the long grass: Maria Corrigan (FF) 

Enda Kenny Profile

  Enda Kenny has been leader of Fine Gael since 2002, following the disastrous general election in which FG lost 23 seats. Michael Noonan resigned and Kenny won the leadership.