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No quality of life for working parents

I am a tax-paying citizen living in Maynooth, in the constituency of Kildare North. I am also a working mum and that, coupled with the huge commute every day, is soul-destroying. Being banished to the counties in order to afford a house is sucking the soul out of family life. Thousands of families are just like me. To be honest, I don't have a family life, or a quality of life. My son sees me for 30 mins in the morning and not in the evening, because he's already in bed by the time i make my gigantic trek from the city to home.

Election 2007 - Set the Agenda

Village invites the public to define the issues in Election 2007, to evaluate the parties and the candidates, to set the agenda for debate and to take part in and lead that debate. Details may be submitted via the comment box below.