Stand by your woman

Academic, feminist, political campaigner and now chairperson of Northern Ireland's Human Rights Commission, Monica McWilliams is used to being jeered by unionists and plugging away at the issues she cares most about. She talks to Fionola Meredith


Natural born presenter

RTÉ presenter Derek Mooney, innovative, humorous and talented, has made a wildlife show one of the most popular radio programmes in the country. By John Byrne


The Children's boss

Ex-nurse and 'kid-friendly person' Emily Logan, Ireland's first Children's Ombudsman, is a persistent critic of Government policies on childcare and outspoken on child sexual abuse. By John Byrne.

Desperate to be a housewife

  • 25 April 2006
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Caitlin Flanagan believes a woman's place is in the home, cleaning and minding the children. A former teacher and New Yorker columnist, her newly-published book of essays on matrimony, housewifery and child-rearing is causing chaos among American working mothers. She talks to Ailbhe Jordan in New York


In the eye of the 'illegals' storm

  • 19 April 2006
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Niall O'Dowd, editor of the New York-based Irish Voice, is regarded as straight-talking, credible, tenacious and pragmatic. Since January he's been leading the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. Profile by Marion McKeone.


Benedict XVI: A Year Later - Former friends

Hans Kung and Joseph Ratzinger were colleagues and friends at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. Both theologians, both liberal. But Kung was later "silenced" by the Church and Ratzinger became the Church "enforcer". Now as Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger again has befriended his former friend. Hans Kung writes about an extraordinary meeting.

Urban mythologist

  • 19 April 2006
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Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk wants to hear about your darkest, most disgusting, most humiliating secret – so he can put it in his next novel. The cult novelist talks to William Hederman