'You're always an Olympic champion'

  • 18 October 2006
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Fifty years after winning gold at the Olympics Ronnie Delany is still fiercely proud to be an Olympian. He talks to Colin Murphy about his regrets, his spirituality and setting the record straight about his career

Denis O'Brien and Michael O'Leary: Valets at war

Denis O'Brien and Michael O'Leary were both personal assistants to Tony Ryan, founder of Ryanair. Now they are locked in battle for the control of Aer Lingus. By Justine McCarthy and Emma Browne Plus: Tony Ryan and Aer Lingus AND Denis O'Brien and the Carribbean

'I had to keep going for John'

Having been vindicated by the Barr report, John Carthy's sister, Marie, is writing a book about him and is suing the Garda Commissioner for his killing in Abbeylara. She talks to Justine McCarthy

'RTÉ is my mammy'

Viewers love him and he's a decent, hardworking journalist, but RTÉ's habit of parachuting Charlie Bird in to all the big stories rankles with some of his colleagues. Emma Browne profiles the veteran news correspondent.

She must be Madden

  • 4 October 2006
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A 'lay woman' with no family lineage in law or medicine, the odds are stacked against Deirdre Madden in her bid for chair of the contentious Medical Council ethics committee. Justine McCarthy profiles the UCC law lecturer.


'Bono and Geldof should be ashamed'

Live 8 was a disaster, according to Guardian columnist George Monbiot. But that's not all he's angry about. He talks to Emma Browne about poverty, global warming and Bertiegate

Leonard Cohen: Life of a Ladies' Man

Came So Far For Beauty, performed as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, is a tribute to the songs of Leonard Cohen. Jessie Collins charts his life, poetry and multiple affairs.


Banville is Black

  • 4 October 2006
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Labelled by journalists as arrogant, Booker prize-winning Irish author John Banville believes in his own opinions and writes for himself. He talks to Colin Murphy about his fascination with other people's lives and his new crime novel, written under the pseudonym Benjamin Black


Tom Murphy interviewed

  • 27 September 2006
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Colin Murphy talks to playwright Tom Murphy about depression, obsession and food fights with theatre directors