The northside's messiah

  • 27 September 2006
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Richard Nesbitt, the messiah of the Arnotts empire, is planning a billion-euro development for Dublin's Abbey St. But with half-a-dozen Arnotts executives recently having jumped ship and frustration growing among those who are left, the finger of blame is moving towards the company's impulsive impresario. By Justine McCarthy.


The return of 'Big D'

Darren Clarke's flamboyant style has been missed on the competitive circuit since his wife died of cancer. He returns to action for the Ryder Cup, where he will battle his friend Tiger Woods. By Arthur Sullivan.


The Live Mike

After over 10 years of succesful property dealing and 40 years of broadcasting, Mike Murphy, 65 this year, talks to John Byrne about his successes and his regrets, his memories of Terry Wogan and Dermot Morgan, and the autobiography he wishes he never wrote.


Martin O'Neill: The ultimate outsider

  • 16 August 2006
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The first Catholic to captain Northen Ireland and the last man to shy away from a row, Martin O'Neill is poised to make his mark in the Premiership, says Ken Early.



In God she trusts

  • 9 August 2006
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With her glossy red lipstick and sculpted hair, Iris Robinson, wife of Peter Robinson, is often likened to Cruella de Vil. But there is more to the DUP's only woman MP than a famous husband and immaculate coiffure. Interview by Fionola Meredith

Grievous Angel

At 59, singer Emmylou Harris has survived such hardships and successes in both her personal and professional lives as to inspire a slue of country songs. Profile by Jessie Collins.