A Starring Role for Corporal O'Dea

Willie O'Dea has no official role at the 1916 commemoration on Easter Sunday but he will be on the podium in O'Connell St for the army march-past at noon and thousands will strain to see Willie take the salute. By Vincent Browne.


John McGahern: 'All will be well'

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “all history resolves itself easily in the biography of a few stout and earnest people”. Certain voices come along and make sense of a time, an era, a culture, or the gap in between. Suddenly all the windows in the room are thrown open. The time, or the room itself, seems impossible without that voice. When we look back, it is hard to make sense of the days gone by without the rhythm, the bark, the bite, the cadence. 


Alleluia Carole

Interrogating George Bush and blessing women from the Radical Sheep Ministry in Maryland. Carole Coleman talks to Colin Murphy

beckett remembering

Samuel Beckett on sports, psychoanalysis and war-time resistance. Extracts from uncollected interviews with his biographer, James Knowlson


Telesales girl to super-rich executive

  • 29 March 2006
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Businesswoman Anne Heraty was already one of Ireland's richest women before selling a chunk of her stake in CPL Resources this year. Fionola Meredith charts the career of the media-shy multimillionaire.


Podge & Rodge scare the adults

Their twice-weekly chat show on RTÉ Two has overtaken Questions and Answers in the ratings. Podge and Rodge talk to John Byrne about Twink's legs, why they hate Ryan Tubridy and how they're going to run for the Progressive Democrats in the next general election


Mike Tyson, elephant man

  • 29 March 2006
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Mike Tyson arrived in Dublin last week to much less controversy than normally surrounds him. A few half-hearted radio de...

Gay Byrne: The very model of a motoring fine gentleman

Gay Byrne certainly brings profile to the new Road Safety Authority, at least to those over 35. He also brings an impatience with bureaucracy and procrastination. And he is an exemplary driver himself, probably never having had even a scrape throughout his lengthy driving career.

Talking for Newstalk

  • 29 March 2006
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Next to Geraldine Kennedy in the Irish Times, Elaine Geraghty has the most senior position of any woman in Irish media, for Newstalk 106 may soon be a national station. By Colin Murphy.