New York redemption

Joseph O'Connor is on a scholarship and writing his next historical novel based in New York City library. He talks to Ailbhe Jordan

No Taming Pauline

  • 22 February 2006
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It's 20 years since she started acting, and more than ten since the start of Father Ted. But with lead roles in a new Shakespeare production, a film in the Dublin film festival and a comedy series by Jennifer Saunders, there's no taming Pauline McLynn.

His own man

Bertie Ahern's 'snubbing' of Sean Haughey, the son of Charles Haughey, in his recent mini-reshuffle left pundits and politicians very surprised. Now this mild-mannered, well-liked TD is considering his future in politics. Profile by John Byrne.


The return of Jurassic Clarke

Boorish, ruthless and talented, Martin Clarke, the fearsome former editor-in-chief of Ireland On Sunday, has arrived from England to oversee the launch of the Irish Daily Mail

A day in the life of a Traveller woman

Travellers are only now reaching the life expectancy that settled people achieved in the 1940s. Missie Collins, of Pavee Point, writes about two critical areas of concern for her community – the conditions in which Travellers live and their health status


Fighting for rights

Aisling Reidy, the formidable executive director of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties is going to an international posting, leaving the advocacy group all the more vulnerable. By John Byrne.


American anarchist

As George Bush becomes more of a global pariah, so Noam Chomsky is becoming a veritable international superstar, despite being almost ignored in his native US. What might be less well-known is that he attacks mainstream US politics more harshly than he does right-wing Republicans – and that he's an anarchist. By Harry Browne.