'Suits from Savile Row, shirts from Jermyn Street, talent from God'

  • 18 March 2005
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His wasn't a name that was well-known in Ireland, but Ross Benson, who died last week, was without doubt one of the best journalists of his generation. Brave, funny, brilliant and always immaculately dressed, he was legendary among his colleages as he reported on wars, the Royal Family and on London society with equal aplomb.

Waving the White flag

From Oireachtas committee meetings to Colombia, there's no gagging Mary White. John Byrne meets the Senator who denies she has her eyes on a Dáil seat in the Dublin South East constituency at the next election. Photograph by Tom Galvin

The inquisitor

John Byrne profiles the man behind the new Centre for Public Inquiry, Frank Connolly

A Che for China

  • 11 February 2005
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Marxist revolutionary, former prisoner and now a member of Hong Kong's legislative council, the man known as Long Hair has become an icon for China's frustrated democracy movement. By Mark Godfrey

Sigmuend Freud 30 years after his death

A 200 FOOT STEEPLE was perhaps the only distinguishing characteristic of the little town of Freiberg, situated some 150 miles north-east of Vienna in what is now Czechoslovakia. It was here on the 6th of May in 1856 that Sigmund Freud was born, the first child of the second wife of an unsuccessful wool merchant who, it is said, resembled Garibaldi.