Weighing an apostate's fate

  • 29 November 2006
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In the 1970s Peter Hain was the charismatic hero of the anti-apartheid campaign. In 2006, the North's secretary of state has morphed into an ambitious Blairite with his eye on the prize – the Labour leadership. By Colin Murphy


Walking naked

Michael D Higgins despises Margaret Thatcher as much as ever, struggles to see the ‘brilliance' of Michael McDowell and finds the dealings of Pat Rabitte and Enda Kenny ‘fairly daft'. Justine McCarthy meets Labour's Limerick-born literatus as he prepares to publish his ‘revealing' new book


Interview: Professional conduct

  • 22 November 2006
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Oscars, Grammys, national honours. All in a day's work for André Previn. With his opera version of A Streetcar Named Desire now playing at the Gaiety, the German-born conductor, composer and pianist finds time in his hectic schedule to talk to Colin Murphy 

Profile: Off the Hook

  • 22 November 2006
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For much of his life, George Hook was a struggling businessman. But in 1997, aged 57, an RTÉ appearance launched his career as a rugby pundit, eventually leading to his own show on NewsTalk. By Colin Murphy.


The all-Ireland éminence grise

Maurice Hayes has had a major influence on the reform of the two police forces on the island, he has been a major influence on events in the North and as a senator and chairman of the National Forum on Europe he also exerts considerable influence in the South. By Vincent Browne.


Brown beauty

  • 15 November 2006
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Brendan O'Carroll tells Colin Murphy about making people laugh, stealing jokes, plans for his political party and why critics are nothing but 'failed writers' 

Opening the Phelan file

Angela Phelan's latest Who's Who in Ireland, a list of influential Irish people has attracted some attention for its inclusions and omissions. The Irish Independent gossip columnist was herself poltically influential when she innocently caused the Labour-Fianna Fáil government to fall. By Emma Browne.


Made in Mayo

  • 1 November 2006
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Maura Harrington, one of the Shell to Sea campaign's leading personalities, has rallied against Margaret Thatcher, the EU and, now, against the Corrib gas pipeline. Justine McCarthy profiles the mother of four from Erris who won't give in to the oil industry.


Man of war

  • 25 October 2006
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Justine McCarthy talks to Kevin Myers about his memories of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and discovers that the Irish Independent columnist is capable of touching kindness, in private