The Prophets of Boom 1998

Brendan Walsh, Joe Durkan, Peter Neary and Sean Barrett speak to Vincent Browne about Ireland's economy and the prospects for economic growth.

Business News - November 1985

SALES HAVE MORE than doubled since the beginning of summer at Seery's Biscuits Ltd of Tullow, County Carlow. The company expects to conntinue its phenomenal growth, as a result of the recent addition of four new lines to its product range.

Business September 1985

AT A RECEPTION last week to announce the opening of Ireland's first "Satellite Dish Store" a demonstration was given of the extra channels now beaming down into Ireland!

Business - August 1985

IN THE past month, DDFH&B have won three major new accounts, with' total billings well in excess of £0.5 million.

Business 27 June 1985

An increasing number of goods and services are now marketed internationally and a major challenge for all countries, including Ireland, is that of developing industries that will succeed in an international context. This was emphasised by Bill Phillips, chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, the second largest advertising agency in the US and the third largest worldwide, at a press conference in Dublin earlier in June.

Danger under the Irish Sea

Nuclear submarines regularly pass within five miles of Dublin port, sometimes sinking Irish trawlers and crashing into illegally dumped nuclear barrels in the Irish sea. Nobody is doing anything about it. Noel McCarthy reports.

Business Forum - 16 May 1985

ICL, Europe's leading computer supplier, has given a major boost to the European computer industry with the announcement recently of the Series 39 range of mainframe computers which have been developed in Manchester under the code names DM/1 and ESTRIEL.

Business - 2 May 1985

M.J .FLOOD (Ireland) Ltd are proud to announce their recent appointment as distributors in Ireland for the Panafax UF 400 Facsimile by Panaasonic, the world's No. I producer of facsimile machines.

Business - 18 April 1985

AER Lingus expects to boost business traffic on its transatlantic routes this year with the launching of its new Golden Shamrock First Class and Super Executive Class services.