Supermarket Wars

Pressure is on for price regulation which will have an immediate impact on what every shopper pays for basic foodstuffs.

Business Forum - December 1984

AVENUE 84 is a classical concert featuring five young Irish musicians to be held in the Examination Hall in Trinity College, Dublin on Thursday, December 13 1984, at 7.30pm. This unique concert is being organised by the participants of the AnCO/Irish Museums Trust training course in Arts Administration.

Cash on the Line - The cost of the telephones

  • 31 October 1984
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To install one phone line it costs the consumer £180 plus an average of one year's rental £118. But the cost to Telecom Eireann of putting that line in is in excess of £1,500.

Business - October 1984

DETAILS of the sponsorship of the 13th Annual Management Competition for Schools were announced by Mr John McNally, Area Director, Ulster Bank, at a reception held in Ulster Bank, College Green, Dublin on Tuessday 11th September.

The Farmers and Land Tax

  • 1 October 1984
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"Joe Rea seems to regard socialism as any transaction in which the state tales money from the farmers; when the farmers get money from the state, that's what he calls free enterprise" - Ruari Quinn

Story by Olivia O'Leary. Additional reporting and research by Mark Brennock

Computers - September 1984

  • 31 August 1984
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Whatever the Government White Paper on Industry offers local industry in terms of grants and tax concessions, the prevailing public image of high technology companies is one of multinational companies which will continue to use this country as an assembly line until such time as it is unprofitable to do so.

Business - September 1984

LEADING sherry producers Harveys of Bristol are making a cool bid to take an even larger share of the Irish market. Through their distributors Grants of Ireland (Sales) Ltd, they are launching a completely new sherry, Finesse.

Big Brother comes to town

The IDA's most risk-laden gamble to date is its £16m backing for a now struggling multiinational, Trilogy, started from scratch to build in Dublin the most advanced computer technology yet seen. ALAN MURDOCH describes Gene Amdahl, the pioneering scientist behind the project, his revolution in micro-electronics, and the company's international strategy for tax avoidance. By Alan Murdoch

Time and Patience in the Suir Valley

"Is dioxin a dangerous substance?" one councillor asked.

"We're talking about things we know nothing about," said another.

What was the point, the councilllor wanted to know, in attendding a conference on sheep-dipping when the problem .was dogs. You might as well stay at home, he added. Dogs were roving the countryside killing sheep. Was this matter raised at the conference on sheep-dipping? Was it? No, it wasn't.