Bill Clinton: All the President's Women

How could it have come to this? President Clinton's in as tough a spot as he has ever been, teetering on the abyss since Monday August 17, when he became the first sitting US president to testify to a grand jury in a criminal proceeding in which he was the target.

Who's Who among the Dissident Republicans

Michael McKevitt

Michael McKevitt and his partner, Bernadette Sands-McKevitt, have been the people most prominently identified with the Real IRA. Both have adamantly denied any involvement in the Real IRA and there is no evidence suggesting that they had any involvement in the Omagh bombing.

The Killing Fields, 1971 - 1998

A chronology of the deaths through the Northern Ireland troubles

January 9, 1971: The IRA murdered six civilians in a land mine explosion at Brougher Mountain, near Trillick, Co Tyrone.

January 30, 1972: The British Army murdered 14 Catholics in Derry on what has become known as “Bloody Sunday”.

The Body Count 1968-1998

IRA                            1760     (53%)
Other Republicans    199       (6%)   
Loyalists                     920       (28%)
Security Force            355       (11%)

Total Killings               3330
(These figures are taken from “An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland 1969-1993” by Malcolm Sutton and all available figures on killings since 1993)

Fitzwilton explains giving £30,000 cash cheque to Ray Burke

Magill submitted a list of questions on May 25 last to Mr Kevin McGoran, chief executive of Fitzwilton plc in connection with the £30,000 transfer by way of a cheque made payable to cash to Mr Ray Burke on June 7, 1989. Matheson Ormsby Prentice, solicitors to Fitzwilton plc replied on May 26 last. The reply in full states:

We refer to your fax yesterday addressed to Fitzwilton. We are instructed to reply on his behalf and on behalf of Fitzwilton. By way of preliminary comment on your letter, we would make the following points:

The Rifles of the IRA, UFF and UVF

Magill has obtained exclusive details of RUC  and Garda estimates of the weapons being  held by terrorists in Ireland. The details form  part of a document which was presented  to the Mitchell Commission  on Decommissioning and are as follows:

Race Attacks

Anti-racist and refugee groups in Dublin have begun monitoring race attacks in the city, in order to establish if they are the work of an organised, or a nascent racist grouping.

A Bird in the Hand…

With an EU court threat hanging over its head, Ireland has one month to decide how much its wild birds are worth

Ireland has received a severe reprimand from the EU Commission for its lacklustre approach to caring for important species of birds that are protected under the EU Wild Birds Directive. The move could result in Ireland's being taken to court by the EU for its failure to respect EU law.

Women's Aid, Woman's Refuge

Roisin McDermott has been a leading light the in the campaign against domestic violence. But after 20 years she is giving it all up for the quiet life.