Business - August 1985

IN THE past month, DDFH&B have won three major new accounts, with' total billings well in excess of £0.5 million.
Following presentations from a number of agencies, Edward Dillon & Co have appointed the Fleming's Court agency to handle Bushmills Irish Whiskey in the Republic of Ireland.

The agency has also been chosen, after competitive presentations, to mount a major new advertising cammpaign on behalf of the National Newspapers of Ireland.

In addition, DDFH&B have been appointed to handle the launch of SEA T in Ireland, on behalf of Hispano Cars. The agency will be working closely with TBWA who have recently won the £30 million SEAT account across Europe.

* * * * *

AN BORD Altranais - the Irish Nursing Board - has commenced immplementation of Europe's first fully computerised nursing registration and administration system at its Dublin offices. Its central applications bureau, designed to streamline the process of submitting applications individually to the seventy-two different nurses' trainning homes currently operating throughhout Ireland, is scheduled to be fully operational by 1986 - at which point the UK Central Council will have only just completed a feasibility study for a similar UK system.

The £ 100,000 installation is based on a single Perkin-Elmer 3205 superrmmi, supplied by Perkin-Elmer's Dublin-based dealer, FBD Computer Services. The system is already being put to use on a variety of word proocessing, registration and student nurse indexing tasks while the central appliications bureau system is being deveeloped. An integrated examination sysstem, designed to help with the adminisstrative load of the 4,000 to 5,000 nursing examinations conducted by the board each year, is also being developed by FBD in time for this autumn's examination period.

A full accounts system capable of handling all board fees and nurses' receipts along with standard ledger procedures is also scheduled to be on line by the end of 1985.


A PRESTIGIOUS new awards scheme to encourage and recognise innovative achievement in Irish commercial and industrial life was launched last month.

The awards will be administered by the National Board for Science and Technology, the state-sponsored agenncy responsible for thedevelopment of science and technology in Ireland. The NBST National Innovation Awards will be open to firms both in the manuufacturing and services sectors and to departments in higher education instiitutions and research bodies.

Three awards will be made: one New Product Award and two Excelllence in Technology A wards.

It is intended to present the New Product Award to an Irish firm which has recently developed and commerrcialised a major new product. The Excellence in Technology A wards will be given to organisations who have shown general excellence in the deveelopment, performance or application of technology in the industrial context.

The winners of the NBST National Innovation Awards will each receive a prize of £1,000 to attend a European Innovation Fair; permission to use the distinctive Innovation Award mark on all product packaging and promotional material for a two-year period followwing presentation of the award and a specially commissioned bronze plaque.

Closing date for the awards is 6th September 1985. All entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of assessors drawn from both the public and private sectors.

Application forms for the NBST National Innovation Awards are availlable from The Secretary, National Board for Science and Technology, Shelbourne House, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4. Tel: (01) 683311.

Mr Dermot Walsh has been appointed Executive Director in charge of Investtment Policy at Guinness & Mahon Financial Services Limited. Mr Walsh joined Guinness & Mahon Limited in 1981 as an Economist in the Investtment Department after graduating from Trinity College with a BA (Economics). Mr Walsh was also the co-author of 'Managing Your Savings', published in 1983 - it was the first comprehensive guide to personalinvesttment in this country.