Business Forum - 16 May 1985

ICL, Europe's leading computer supplier, has given a major boost to the European computer industry with the announcement recently of the Series 39 range of mainframe computers which have been developed in Manchester under the code names DM/1 and ESTRIEL.

With a combination of British computer design expertise, Japanese chip technology and use of fibre optic communications, ICL has developed a range of very powerful yet extremely compact mainframe computers unnmatched by any other supplier. They provide more facilities, faster access . to information, and greater communiication capabilities with high security, at a lower cost per user than ever beefore.

Thousands of users across the world can be connected to a single ICL Series 39 computer through networks deveeloped by ICL to International Open Systems Standards. Even the smallest Series 39 office system can search 1,200 pages of text in one second while the entire contents of the Encycloopaedia Britannica would take just three minutes.

With plans to make available the Series 39 in the UK, Ireland, Africa, Australasia, Denmark, France, Gerrmany, Holland' and Sweden, ICL has declared its intention of remaining a major force in the world mainframe market for the years ahead.

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THE Austin Rover Group, Britain's largest car manufacturer, recently revealed its plans to enter the massive North American market in 1987.

Speaking at a press conference at the Plaza Hotel, New York, Mr Harold Musgrove, Chairman and Chief Execuutive of the Austin Rover Group, announced that the entry will be spearheaded by Project XX, the new luxury executive car designed and engineered jointly by Austin Rover and the Honda Motor Company and scheduled for launch in Europe next year.

Project XX will be imported and distributed in the USA by Austin Rover Cars of North America, a Miami Florida based company,}ormed jointly by the Austin Rover Group and American automobile magnate Norman Braman.

Harold Musgrove revealed that Ausstin Rover's car for the American marrket will feature exciting, aerodynamic styling, a classically English luxury interior and a brand-new, fuel-injected Honda V6 engine with frontdrive transmission.

"It will have outstanding dynamic qualities to appeal to the sporting driver," he said.

Peter Daly and Elio Malocco, Directors of Giordani's, the new Italian restaurant in Grafton Street

THE search to find Ireland's 1985 B lack and White "Pub of the Year" winners has commenced.

This year's competition, the ninth since the event was first launched in 1977, differs slightly in format from that of previous years. New to this year's event will be the selection of a winning pub for each of the twentyysix counties. From these will be selected five regional award winners for the best pub in each province as well as Dublin city and county. From each of these regional winners the overall National Pub of the Year winner will be selected.

As in previous years a further award will also be presented in the Superpub category for premises seating 250 people or more.

Between now and next September all pubs which enter the competition throughout the Republic of Ireland will be visited and judged by separate teams of preliminary and final adjudiicators.

Winners of the Black and White.

"Pub of the Year" award receive a specially designed hanging sign for outside their premises as well as an interior hanging mirror and a £1,000 Aer Lingus holiday prize for two plus a prize for each member of the staff. Regional winners will also receive the specially inscribed commemorative mirrrored plaque.

Behind the organisation of this year's "Pub of the Year" competition are the distributors of Black and White in the Republic of Ireland, B. Daly Ireland Limited. This company was formed over a year ago as a result of the merger between former Black and White distributors D.E. Williams Vinttners and Hedges & Butler Ireland Limited.

Closing date for entries is May 31 next following which preliminary and final judging will begin. The criteria by which the winning pubs are judged are: Inviting Exterior, Clean and Tidy, Good Atmosphere, Friendly Staff, Serves a Good Pint, and Efficient Service.

Winners will be announced and awards presented early next Octo ber.

Previous national winners in the "Pub of the Year" competition were Tynan's Bridge Bar, Kilkenny (1977); The Overdraught, Tracton, County Cork (1978/1979/1982); The Seanaachie, Ring, County Waterford (1980); Paddy's Bar, Terryglass, County Tippperary (1981); The Bunratty Inn, Schull, County Cork (1983); and The Blazers, Craughwell, County Galway (1984).