Computers November 1982

  • 31 October 1983
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Reaction to the IBETA exhibition earlier this month has been very mixed. While many marvelled at the new Apple Lisa (it's a pity the Apple stand attendants weren't as customer friendly as their computer), a large number of people felt positively connfused about the relative merits of the gamut of computing products on display.

Business Forum October 1983

CARA Data Processing Limited has won a major order from the Bank of Ireland to revolutionise the bank's data processing facilities.

Computers - October 1983

  • 1 October 1983
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For most business concerns, whether manufacturing or addministrative, the task of stockktaking is a laborious and timeeconsuming chore. Related tasks such as stock distribuution and ordering are equally toilsome and cause financial losses where not carried out accurately and efficiently. Enter the computerised Stock Control Package.

Merck, Sharp & Dohme - Fear in the valley

  • 1 October 1983
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THE IDA HAS WELCOMED the decision by Merck, Sharp & Dohme to establish its new £1.5 million developmental laboratory alongside its £35 million manufacturing facility in Ballydine near Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Fear in the valley - Sequel

The cover story of the June issue of Magill was discussed at the meeting of South Tipperary County Council on 13 June. One local councillor pointed out that people in the area around the Merck Sharp and Dohme factory in Ballydine were worried that the council was not monitoring the factory. "We must bend over backwards to get results and to show people publicly whether it is damaging or not", he said. Another councillor pointed out that it was "never more necessary to have everything seen to be above board".

The Lost Post

The chaos following the collapse of Express Couriers casts a harsh light on the decline of the P&T and the firms which are trying to take its business. A Dublin solicitor, Quentin Crivon, with the firm of Hugh J. O'Hagan Ward, received a letter on November 9 which suggested that he might recommend Express Couriers as letter carriers for a number of organisations with which he did business. Mr.