Business September 1985

AT A RECEPTION last week to announce the opening of Ireland's first "Satellite Dish Store" a demonstration was given of the extra channels now beaming down into Ireland!

Mr Derek May, Managing Director, said "Satellite TV is a fact of modern life and the Irish people shall definitely want more choice as extra channels become available through this exciting development. "

The Satellite Store intends to sell to the public and trade, with the preesent retail price of £2,800 plus ten per cent VAT. For that a customer can expect six extra channels in English with at least that amount in other lannguages.

Government legislation is expected shortly to regularise this fast developping area which already has generated a great deal of interest.

Derek, Gerard and John May have been in the television aerial business for over twenty years and they see this as a logical step in their efforts to proovide the best for their customers.

It is worth noting that ordinary TV receivers are all that is necessary to connect up to the Satellite Dish and associated equipment. The vital poin t is a reputable company to install this technical equipment with a committment to a good back-up service. John May Aerials Ltd has earned a first class reputation over the years and their staff are now in process of training.

The dish aerial can be mounted in a corner of anyone's garden and are attractive to look at compared to the unsightly aerials dominating the city skyline.

* * * * *

GILBEYS OF IRELAND has sponnsored a 1940s bi-plane which is availlable for sports events, festivals and other public occasions. The aircraft is decked out in the Smirnoff logo and colours and will perform aerobatic displays throughout Ireland.

The bi-plane, now Irish based, is a 1940s Starnpe which was used by the French Air Force. One of only three in Ireland, the structure of the aircraft is basically wood and linen braced with steel. This ensures a very strong body. which is particularly suitable 'for aerobatic displays.

Commenting on the sponsorship Mr Mark Wilson, brand manager for Srnirrnoff said, "Flying and aerobatics are. exciting sports which fit excellently with the brand image we wish to pro-. mote. In addition we believe that the public of all ages have a special nostallgia for the old bi-planes which are beautiful aircraft."

* * * * *

RADIO 2 FINALISED arrangements to present the first man and woman over the line in this year's Radio 2 Dublin City Marathon with a spectacuular extra prize.

The winning man and winning woman will each receive a gleaming new Nissan Micra HI-DX to reward their marathon efforts, in addition to the traditional Dublin Crystal trophies. The Mieras, each valued at almost £7,000, are famous for their economy and recently emerged as the most reliable cars in their class in a major survey in Germany.

This development in Ireland's bigggest mass participation sporting event should provide it with an even further boost, in addition to the new faster course and £5,000 extra prize fund for leading runners. A huge increase in top-class international participation is expected as a result.