Pictures of Clarence Hotel redevelopment released

Plans for a 'dramatic redevlopment and expansion' of the Clarence Hotel, situated in Dublin's Temple Bar, will soon be submitted to the Dublin City Council for consideration. Computer-generated images of the finished development have been provided to Village by the architecture company leading the redevelopment, Foster and Partners.

Gadgets: A slippery slope

Irish people with the financial wherewithal to relieve seasonal affective disorder with a winter ski holiday may have to look to alternative remedies in future. Should environmental responsibility not impel us to reduce air miles, the tonnes of greenhouse gas produced by the ski industry and all it entails will contribute to the receding alpine snowlines and glacial depths. But for those of you already booked on a ski trip this year, here are two gadgets to ensure your whereabouts are known should an avalanche or tree trunk take you by surprise.

Saddam associates hanged

The hanging of two of Saddam Hussein's former aides has sparked further outrage from around the world at the regime's continued capital punishment.  The two were hanged at dawn yesterday on charges of crimes against humanity for the killing of almost 150 Shias in retribution for a failed assassination bid on Saddam in 1982. 

Climate change: a real and present danger

A documentary presented by David Attenborough (BBC 1,Sunday 21st Jan) will present the findings of the largest ever climate prediction project involving simulation programs run on over 54,000 computers. The resulting data was analysed at Oxford University to give the most detailed picture of our likely future climate.

Christmas on the Aran Islands

Christmas was a hectic affair this year for Fr. Ciarán Blake, Inis Mór's parish priest.  There is no parish priest on Inis Meáin, so after reading mass on Inis Mór, Fr. Blake was ferried by a local fisherman, Michael Seoighe, to Inis Meáin where after a choppy crossing Fr. Blake was driven to the church to read Christmas mass for the waiting congregation.

Gadgets: Christmas novelties

Some must-have Christmas goodies for the office. By Malachy Browne and Grace Flanagan

What makes the perfect Christmas present? Diamonds or a Ferrari? What about an mp3 player that looks like it shops where Mr Claus gets his santa suits? With its shiny red case and snowy white earphones, it's like carrying Christmas around in your pocket.

Taking technology back to the hoover

An intelligent robot to do the vacuum cleaning, computer games with education as well as fun in mind and a platinum disc with your name on it. Well, everyone needs a little delusion, says Malachy Browne

Getting around

Malachy Browne looks at the latest technology for people on the go – the Segway i2 is the psychic way to travel while the Sony Mylo makes exciting strides in online communications