Communist Party seeks left unity

The Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) has requested a meeting among political parties following the general election in order to the "evaluate the political situation and see what areas of cooperation [can] be built" in terms of left unity.

Result may spell the end for PDs

Announcing his retirement from politics yesterday evening after the loss his seat in Dublin South East, Progressive Democrats leader Michael McDowell said that the PDs must be a party that is 'radical or redundant'. With further losses for deputy leader, Liz O'Donnell, and party president, Tom Parlon, and with former Fianna Failer and Minister for Health, Mary Harney, the only PD elected to the 30th Dail at the time of writing, the disbandment of the party must surely be a possibility.

Initial results suggest PD seats will rely on transfers

Initial counts returned by tallymen in constituencies with candidates for the Progressive Democrats would seem to confirm the conclusion of the exit poll conducted by Lansdowne Market Research that first preference support for the PDs has declined dramatically since the 2002 general election.

How your vote works

The general election is conducted on the principle of Proportional Representation, using the Single Transferable Vote System. The elector casts a single transferable vote, i.e. a vote given in such a way as to indicate the voter's preference for candidates in order of choice.

Implications of additional runway for Dublin North

Portmarnock and Malahide residents air their views about the construction of a new runway at Dublin airport, and the implications of this development for communities in Dublin North.

According to Matthew Harley of United Portmarnock Residents Opposing Another Runway (UPROAR), "alternatives [to the runway], including a second airport for the Greater Dublin Area, have not been properly assessed as required under the Government's own Value for Money guidelines".