The Gregory package represents the "liberation" of Charles Haughey from those forces of budgetary resstraint which were imposed on him in the second day of the election campaign by party colleagues alarmed at his perrformance at his first press conference.

Editorial - Whitaker for Commission

There are few who don't regard with some cynicism the defection of Michael O'Kennedy from his post as EEC Commissioner but his absence from Brussells will not be missed either by the Community or Ireland. It also offers the opportunity to appoint somebody to the job who has the capacity to make a genuine contribution to the EEC and to Irish interests.

Farm Wars

  • 31 January 1982
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The battle for the IFA presidency is complicated by the personel finances of one of the contenders and allegations of political bias.  By Pat Brennan

Special economic report: the high road to disaster

Will the last TD to leave the Dail please switch off the light at the end of the tunnel

The country has reached the verge of national bankruptcy, primarily because of policies pursued by politicians here in the last decade. Vast borrowings have been undertaken, largely to finance current expenditure and hardly at all for wealth-creating investments. We now owe in total foreign debt a sum the equivalent of £6,000 for every income tax payer in the country.

Canon Fodder - Canon James Horan and the political mists of Mayo

  • 24 December 1981
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The road from Charlestown to Kilkelly rises, swoops, twists and turns with all the whimsy of a starling's flight. The sun reflects from the countless million snowwflakes carpeting the Mayo countryside. Suddenly, rising from the hills and trees, like a tightly woven white net cast skyward by a giant hand, a mist makes a mockery of the sun, reduces the road to a stretch of tarmacadam that peters out twenty yards ahead, and sucks the colour and substance from all it leaves visible.

Taxation Once Again

The economist who drafted the Fine Gael taxation policy prior to the election argues that the budget deficit will have to be eliminated by means other than more indirect taxes in the 1982 budget. By Brendan Dowling

Ault & Wiborg - One small strike

  • 30 November 1981
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Five weeks on the picket line, three days occupying the factory, one night in jail — and finally something had broken. And it wasn't the Ault & Wiborg strikers. They came out of the High Court on Tuesday November 10 wearing wide smiles. “Thumbs up!”, said the photographer from the Independent, and five of the six obligingly raised their thumbs. The sixth striker, Bryan O'Duffy, gave a mischievous smile and raised two fingers in a victory sign. By Gene Kerrigan.

The Grounding of Bray Travel

Less than three months after the collapse of Bray Travel Ltd, the company's founder and managing director, Mr. Adrian Hopkins, is already planning to re-enter the travel business. This time he will start with personal wealth of more than a quarter of a million pounds.

The Rise of an Ad Agency

Their divergent lifestyles and temperaments have prompted more than one acquaintance to describe them as, "the odd couple", with Owen O'Connor playing Oscar to Niall O'Sullivan's Felix. But whatever the most apt analogy may be, they combine into one of the most effective and enterprising teams in Irish advertising.