Business Forum - March 1984

A NEW Management Consultancy has been formed by Randal Faulkner.
The Faulkner Consultancy will specialise in advising on Transport and Distribution problems for both large and small companies.

Randal Faulkner is a Business Studies Graduate of Trinity College Dublin and holds an MSc in Operaations Research from the University of Sussex.

He was Assistant Operations Reesearch Manager with the National Westminister Bank in London before returning to Ireland to join the Guinnness Group. Until 1981 he was Assisstant to the Distribution Director `Guinness Ireland.

He was then appointed Director and General Manager of Rainsford Logistics - a Guinness SUbsidiary formed to develop and market compuuter systems for Distribution Planning. Through the Faulkner Consultancy, he has been retained by Guinness to undertake Distribution Projects on behalf of companies within the Group.


A NEW public information booklet entitlted "Where There's A Will There's A Relative", which was pubblished by Insurance Corporation Life, was launched by the President of the Incorporated Law Society, Mr Frank O'Donnell, recently.

The booklet was written by prominent Dublin solicitor, Mr Esmonde A. Reilly.

"Where There's A Will - There's A Relative" explains in layman's terms the necessity for everybody ˜even those with modest means - to make a will in order to safeguard the best interests of their dependants. Particular attention is paid to the Capital Acquisitions Tax legislation and the means by which an estate and a will can be organised to avoid heavy tax burdens for dependants. In the context of the proper organisation of the estate, certain previously acceppted principles are called into question. For example, the author raises doubts about the wisdom, in all cases, of holding property in joint names beetween a husband and wife. He also suggests a number of options relating to life insurance suggesting, for exammple, that it may be prudent in some cases for the policy to be taken out by a wife insuring against the death of her husband rather than the more common situation in which a husband insures against his own death with his wife as the beneficiary.

Speaking at a reception to launch the booklet, the managing director of Insurance Corporation Life, Mr Adrian Daly, said that very many unnecessary problems were caused to dependants in this country because of the high percentage of people who did not make a will. It was a tragedy, he said, that people who worked hard throughhout their lives to provide for their families and to ensure their future security should, by simple omISSIOn, undermine this effort after their death.

Mr Daly said that he hoped that this booklet would achieve a wide readership and encourage more people to order their affairs in the best interests of their families.

The booklet will be made available free to the general public through life insurance brokers.

* * *


A RECEPTION to mark the official handing over by co-sponsors Irish Distillers and Memory Computer Ltd, of a MEMORY SYSTEM 505 MINI COMPUTER to CO-OPERATION NORTH was held at Irish Distillers, Bow Street, Dublin. Dedicated to immproving contact, communication and co-operation between the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic, CO-OPERATION NORTH regards this joint gift as a further endorsement by the business sector of the work being done by this non-political organisation.

Savage,. Group Financial Director, Irish Distillers; Mr Michael Killeen, Deputy Chairman, Co-Operation North Dublin and Chairman Irish Disstillers; Mr Frank Casey, Chairman, Memory Computers; Dr Charles Murray, Deputy Chairman, Cotion North Dublin and Former Goverrnor Central Bank; Mr Joe McKinley, Director, Carroll Industries and Sir Robert Kidd, Chairman, Co-Operation North Belfast and Director Allied Irish Banks, at the handing over ceremony of the Memory Computer operated by Diane Jackson of Co-Operation North, at Irish Distillers, Bow Street, Dublin on Thursday 12th January 1984.