Community policing fundamental to regeneration

In his 2007 report on social exclusion in Southill and Moyross in Limerick, John Fitzgerald is unequivocal in his recommendations on policing. He says that dealing with criminality as a matter of urgency is “fundamental to creating the conditions for other interventions (infrastructural, economic, educational and social) to be successful, and for restoring the confidence of local communities”.

Moyross ready for regeneration

MoyrossThe dereliction of estates in Moyross is shocking. The segregation of the community from adjoining estates and the Limerick Institute of Technology by high, razor tipped walls is striking. But there is a buzz to the place, an active community and people are optimistic about regeneration.

Promises on Regeneration

Following discussions with residents in Moyross, Southill and Ballinacurra-Weston - the areas that are the focus of the regeneration effort in Limerick - Village put to Brendan Kenny the concerns voiced by residents about regeneration. Many had not received in writing assurances on housing in the  regenerated 'villages'; hopeowners were unsure if they would be accomodated as tenants or as home-owners in the new villages. These are the assurances that were given by Mr Kenny, Chief Executive of the Regeneration Agencies:

Chili Club (Thai)

The Chili Club's reputation as purveyors of exquisite Thai cuisine remains intact. On Village's most recent visit, the main courses scored top marks and fingers were nearly lost in the attack on appetizers – although the uncouth behaviour might just as well be explained by near starvation on the evening in question!



Media monopolies will dominate online broadcasting

Sport is now commercialising to take advantage of the online medium where broadcsaters, clubs and associations will capitalise upon exposure to a global audience that is ever increasing. The attraction of online broadcasting for the Premiership is particularly strong as internet connectivity becomes more widespread in China and India where merchandising campaigns and satellite broadcasting of live football have been successful.

The Schuman Declaration

On 9 May 1950, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman (pictured) proposed a community to integrate the coal and steel industries of Europe - the declaration is regarded as the instigator of the European Union. This is an edited version.

Correction to story on the regeneration of Limerick

A story on the regeneration of Limerick in the January 2008 issue of Village (printed edition) incorrectly states that Mary McAleese was a reporter with Today Tonight when it recorded a programme on social exclusion in Southill in 1982. Mary McAleese was a lecturer in the Law Department at Trinity College Dublin at the time and appeared on Today Tonight as a panelist, not a reporter. Mary McAleese had previously been an reporter with RTE but Hilary Orpen undertook this particular report from Southill.