Q&A with Tom Dunne

Are you a Rock Star or a DJ?  
DJ, better hours, no need to write songs just play other peoples, class! 


Why did you and Pat Kenny not stick with engineering?  
Navier's equation isn't really that interesting you know 

How do you rate Pat as a radio presenter? 

And on telly?   
Not quite as good 

Who do you prefer - Ryan Tubridy or Gerry Ryan? 
Gerry – still makes me laugh very hard 

How do you feel about receiving yet another Hot Press Best Irish DJ award?  

Who did/would you vote for?  
Well obviously any if not all of my TodayFm colleagues
Do you wear a “godfather of indie” T-shirt? 
No but I do have a ramones one, wife seems to have stolen it though 

Are you pleased you don't have to work with Eamon Dunphy anymore? 
No I loved working with him he's a real life force 

Worst interview you ever conducted? 
Gary Numan at electric picnic; “So Gary, will you be playing the new album or the songs eveyone likes, I mean, em, eh......”. Oh god! 

Worst interview you ever gave?  
I'm sure when I in rock star mode I was as insufferable as most my contemporaries 

Chihuahua or Bulldog? 

How much do you earn from royalties?  
A dwindling amount but always a pleasant surprise 

With Whipping Boy and the Frank and Walters back together, any chance of a Something Happens reunion? 
Never technically broke up but we will be playing the Bray Festival on 15  July. Gulp! 

Best Irish talent to break on to the music scene of late?  
Joe Chester, Gemma Hayes, Cathy Davey, Kowalski 

Ray D'arcy's studio has spawned romance in the past – any designs on your latest co-workers?  
A married man don't you know 

Any aspirations to take Ray's mantle permanently?
Not really, see below

Did you miss Pet Sounds ( his own show) when you filled in for Ray Darcy?  
Yes I do and I feel it might not be a gig you can do forever, I love it though and want to enjoy it for as long as I can. When the day comes that I don't get the music anymore it might be time to present a different show.