Promises on Regeneration

Following discussions with residents in Moyross, Southill and Ballinacurra-Weston - the areas that are the focus of the regeneration effort in Limerick - Village put to Brendan Kenny the concerns voiced by residents about regeneration. Many had not received in writing assurances on housing in the  regenerated 'villages'; hopeowners were unsure if they would be accomodated as tenants or as home-owners in the new villages. These are the assurances that were given by Mr Kenny, Chief Executive of the Regeneration Agencies:

  • 100 net increase in Limerick Garda by January 2008
  • Residents will receive a “modern new home” in the regenerated estate, complete with garden shed and any household appliances that they currently have
  • Present home-owners will remain home-owners
  • New houses as affordable as possible for Local Authority tenants to purchase
  • Residents will be deemed eligible for a house in the regenerated estates subject to a certificate of approval from both the Local Authority and An Garda Síochána.
  • The Nothrside and Southside Regeneration Agencies will issue letters of committment to residents
  • Families who continue to engage in anti-social behaviour, their house will be compulsory acquired by the Local Authority. "They will not be part of the regenerated community"
  • Litter removal, lighting, and basic services to be provided to the areas
  • CCTV will be installed in Ballinacurra-Weston by Christmas 2007
  • Tax incentives to be sought from government for businesses in the area
  • Tax incentives to be sought from government for developers to build infrastructure