The pickle with peat

Research shows that six per cent of global man-made carbon emissions is attributable to ‘reclaimed’ bogs. Yet international climate conventions ignore peatland as a cause of global warming. The case for peatland's inclusion in the next climate protocol (being negotiated in Copenhagen next month) was made at a recent lecture organised by the Environmental Protection Agency. By Malachy Browne.

Ireland a lifeboat for humanity

Climate change due to man-made global warming will likely bring humanity to the brink of extinction: our survival will depend on climatically temperate islands like Ireland and New Zealand. So says James Lovelock, a respected and life-long scientist whose conclusions on climate change are published in “The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A final warning”. By Malachy Browne.

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Magill (1977 - 1998)

Every Magill magazine from 1977 to 1998. Digital copies of the magazine look just as they did in print; these may be printed for offline reading.

Apple releases new iPhone 3GS and may end O2 exclusivity

Electronics giant Apple has unveiled the third iPhone release. Named "iPhone 3GS", the latest release contains some useful new features, notably the video/audio applications and voice command, but the advances are underwhelming compared with those made by iPhone 3G on the original 2G release. Most obviously lacking is an inbuilt FM radio, which Apple persistently disregards as a practicable addition to any of its personal mobile devices.

Man 'flies' across English Channel

A Swiss man has become the first person to fly across the English Channel using a single jet-propelled wing. 'Fusionman' Yves Rossy made the 36km journey from Calais to Dover in 10 minutes at a speed of around 200km per hour.

VIDEO: Watch a video of Yves Rossy performing a test flight of the jet-propelled wing.

Brain Drain, Western Gain

The Millenium Development Goals on maternal health stipulate that developing countries must “reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) [of 1992].” Malawi is one such country. Its MMR in 1992 was 620 per 100,000 births; it is now 1,100. In 2008, 6,600 Malawian mothers will die in childbirth.