Cavan Monaghan

Number of Seats: 5

One seat already decided, that of outgoing Ceann Comhairle, Rory O'Hanlon (FF). Caoimhghin O Callan (SF) is certain to hold his seat. Ditto Seymour Crawford (FG) and Brendan Smith (FF). The only doubt centres on Paudge Connolly (Ind), a hospital candidate.

Village Prediction: FF 2; FG 1; Ind 1

Best candidate: Brendan Smith (Ind)

images/election_2007/ConstitImages/PaudgeConnolly.jpgWeakest link: Paudge Connolly (Ind)

images/election_2007/ConstitImages/MargaretConlon.jpgIn the long grass: Margaret Conlon (FF)