Special Features

The Best and the Brutal

New Zealand are hot favourites but France, South Africa, Australia and Ireland are not without hope. An introduction to the 2007 Rugby World Cup, by Brent Pope.

Senate: the usual suspects

Presumably, a Taoiseach's Senate nomination for Dan Boyle and Tom Parlon. Tom Parlon's continuance in the Oireachtas may save the PDs from extinction, for a while. Dan Boyle's continuance in active politics is important for the Greens, perhaps for the two Green ministers. Otherwise probably the same mixture of party hacks, wannabee TDs and retirees.

The Bertie factor

For Bertie Ahern the election was a triumph. It seemed at the beginning of the campaign he might lose and lose in disgrace because of the revelations about his finances. He seemed almost a forlorn figure at the Palace of Westminster nine days before the election as he was feted by British Parliamentarians while seeming rejected by his electorate.

The Greening of Hypocrisy

Every promise broken, ‘core' beliefs abandoned in a naive conviction that the Greens in government can make a difference. And then a striking act of integrity: the resignation of Trevor Sargent as leader and his rejection of a senior cabinet position.  By Vincent Browne

Protests at proposed Green Party agreement with Fianna Fail

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Mansion House today to voice their opinions on the programme for government agreed with Fianna Fail following 10 days of negotiations. Hundreds of Green Party members entering the Mansion House to vote on the programme were met by shouts of "No Shannon, Save Tara!" from groups opposed to the programme and "Vote Yes!" from those in support of the proposed coalition.