Sean Dunne

On the evening of 17 May last, exactly a week before the general election, Bertie Ahern and a woman friend joined other friends in Fagans in Drumcondra. Around 11pm, according to an informant, the developer, Sean Dunne, arrived in the pub and he and Bertie stood aside from the others for a while. They then, along with Bertie's woman friend, went across the road to Bertie's limousine and all three were driven away. This was at a critical time in the planning process for the spectacular development Seán Dunne is proposing for Ballsbridge.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane was inappropriately voluble about the failures of the England football team, following its defeat in the Euro qualifiers by Croatia.

Des Richardson

Bertie's closest ally (probably one of the few people – the only person – in whom he can confide), Des Richardson has had a torrid time at the Planning Tribunal. Forensically examined by Tribunal counsel, Des O'Neill, he has stumbled over Bertie's first “dig out” (£22,500) on 26 December 1993 (this supposedly was to pay off Bertie's legal fees but he (Bertie) had done that already) and then the admission that he received dollars from a UK businessman, Norman Turner, who had an interest in opening a casino here in 1994.


Can the English language survive George Bush (that is if Bertie Aehrn has not strangled it first)?

Bernadette McAliskey

Bernadette McAliskey, the former MP and radical Northern Ireland activist, told a court on 23 October that she could  never see her daughter Roisin allowing herself to be extradited to  Germany to stand trial for an alleged IRA attack on a British Army base  in 1996.