Des Richardson

Bertie's closest ally (probably one of the few people – the only person – in whom he can confide), Des Richardson has had a torrid time at the Planning Tribunal. Forensically examined by Tribunal counsel, Des O'Neill, he has stumbled over Bertie's first “dig out” (£22,500) on 26 December 1993 (this supposedly was to pay off Bertie's legal fees but he (Bertie) had done that already) and then the admission that he received dollars from a UK businessman, Norman Turner, who had an interest in opening a casino here in 1994. Des Richardson struggled for years with the enormous debts run up by Fianna Fáil by 1993 when he was appointed fundraiser. His genial demeanour and adroitness plus his contacts in the business area helped rescue the party financially. But he has dug holes in his evidence which Bertie still struggle to fill in when he comes to give evidence, maybe on 20 and 21 December  or more likely in January