Drug seizures have little effect

Despite record numbers of drug seizures by An Garda Síochána and customs officials in 2006, there has been no noticeable impact on the availability or price of drugs, or on the numbers of drug users in the country, according to Tony Geoghan of Merchant's Quay drug treatment centre in Dublin. John O'Connor of the Drug Treatment Centre Board says, “Drugs seem to be as available as ever”.



Refusal to confront scale of child abuse

The renewed fleeting panic over child sex abuse, following on the revelation that the Gardaí ignored representations from the Austrian police authorities about Irish subscribers to a child pornography site, is yet the latest illustration of denial of the scale of child sex abuse here.

Bertie reneged on promise to release killers

For the first time, Gerry Adams outlines in detail his negotiations with the Irish government on the release of the killers of Jerry McCabe; how this was formally agreed; how Michael McDowell was to fly to Limerick to inform Ann McCabe; and how at the time of the Good Friday Agreement Bertie Ahern gave an explicit assurance on the release of these men

Another 'C' case waiting to happen

  • 13 December 2006
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Hundreds of convictions are at risk following a ‘highly unusual' Supreme Court decision which may invalidate ‘thousands' of regulations made by ministerial orders. By Justine McCarthy


The mysterious death of Shane Touhey

Shane Touhey was found dead in a Co Offaly river almost five years ago. His inquest recorded death by drowning but the Garda investigation into what happened was flawed, indifferent and at times bizarre. Philip Boucher-Hayes reports


Baiba Saulite: her life and awful death

  • 22 November 2006
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Baiba Saulite, the mother of two who was shot dead at her home in north Dublin, was failed by the Garda, who provided protection for her solicitor but not for her, despite an obvious threat to her life. By Justine McCarthy