Dutchy Holland: overview of Veronica Guerin case

Veronica Guerin was murdered at Newlands Cross, outside Dublin, at around 1.00pm on 26 June 1996. Almost immediately John Gilligan was identified as the major suspect for her murder. Veronica Guerin had sought to interview Gillian at his home in Co Kildare some months previously and she claimed to have been viciously assaulted by Gilligan. The latter has always denied assaulting her but there is persuasive evidence he did so and evidence that a day later he threatened her and her son in the course of a phone conversation.

Penalty points shambles

The 31 new "penalty point offences" to be introduced on Monday, 3 April, provide for two penalty points for driving a vehicle on a motorway against the flow of traffic.

Punishments to fit the crime

At least six, possibly seven, times as many people will die in road accidents this year as will be murdered. Accidents may be the wrong word, as the possibility of something going wrong in the event of excessive speeding or the consumption of alcoholic drink, both of which are offences in themselves, is increased. All drivers should know this, which makes them responsible for their actions. So does it mean that they should serve long jail sentences as a result if their actions result in death? It seems not.

'Don't do a hysterectomy on me'

Patient "D" was herself a midwife, who had worked in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with Michael Neary. On going into the maternity unit to give birth to her first child (an earlier pregnancy had resulted in a still birth) she pleaded with her husband not to allow Michael Neary do a hysterectomy on her. She was aware of the high rate of hysterectomies in the hospital.

Orange order march in Dublin: 'We might be in for some trouble'

Margaret Tracey came out of the café where she works on South Leinster St on the afternoon Saturday 25 February and looked up Nassau St. Her curiosity was aroused by the news that there was to be an Orange march happening outside Leinster House, and she wanted to hear what a Lambeg drum sounded like.