Tough on crime and indifferent to its causes

The vast preponderance of criminality about which the Irish public is now agitated is crime emanating from working class areas . These crimes are burglaries, larcenies, drug crime and what is known as "organised crime", which has involved a serious of high-profile murders.

Ireland an accessory to international criminality

At a press conference with John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern stumbled through a justification for the use of Shannon by American military forces in its conduct of the occupation of Iraq. He said this was authorised by UN Security Council resolutions. He had a point.

Child abuse 'A moral lapse'

  • 25 April 2006
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This is the story of Denis Daly's life as a priest, based on a report compiled from the archives of the Archdiocese of Sydney. This was done by the archivist, Pauline Garland, in 2003, following Peter McCloskey's requests for information on Denis Daly

Peter McCloskey's struggle

  • 25 April 2006
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For nine months in 1980, Peter McCloskey was abused by Denis Daly, a priest in the local parish of Christ the King, at Caherdavin, Limerick.

New evidence could have convicted Laide

Evidence excluded in the original trial could have been presented in a new trial of Dermot Laide for the manslaughter of Brian Murphy. Marie Cassidy's evidence would not necessarily have scuttled the case. By Vincent Browne

Let out 'early' to murder

  • 19 April 2006
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Seventeen-year-old Trevor Hamilton was the most highly supervised sex offender in the North when he murdered 65-year-old Attracta Harron. Having been released early for a brutal rape sentence, he was free to drive around illegally and select his victim. Now he faces 'one of the longest sentences ever' handed down in the North. Susan McKay reports

Evidence of wrongful conviction on the drugs charge

Patrick Holland was convicted on drugs charges on the evidence of a "supergrass" and on alleged "admissions" he made in Garda custody. The Special Criminal Court disregarded the curious arrest and detention of his solicitor at the same time as his arrest.

Carol Rooney, John Gilligan's alleged partner

Carol Rooney, from Palmerstown in Dublin, worked in bookmaker's shop where John Gilligan allegedly gambled large amounts of money. They are alleged to have had a relationship after John Gilligan asked her out. She was 18 at the time.